10 Types Of Kitchen Countertops For Your Next Remodel

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Having your kitchen remodeled is one of the things that you need to invest in for your home. Not only does it give your home a fresh new look, but it also upgrades your kitchen to be more functional. There are many ways you can upgrade your kitchen through remodeling. However, there’s one important part of the kitchen that you should never leave without.

We are of course talking about kitchen countertops. These are basically tables or surfaces that you place in your kitchen. These are used for various purposes. Of course, the purposes include kitchen prepping, cooking, and obviously, for kitchen designing. It’s one of the major investments you can make for your kitchen and it’s well worth it.

Getting a kitchen countertop installed will cost you around $5,000-$8,000 for a moderately good kitchen countertop. There are various kitchen countertop materials to choose from and this is the part of the remodeling process that’s going to take most of your time. Trust us when we say that there are many exciting kitchen countertop options to choose from

There are basically two types of kitchen countertops –  man-made kitchen countertops and natural stone countertops. Each has its own benefits and we’re going to talk about some of them today. What else are we going to talk about other than the best of the best? The list of the top 10 kitchen countertops for your next remodel.

Before we head to the list, it’s worth exploring the two options first. Natural stone countertops are countertops made from real stones sourced from various quarries worldwide. On the other hand, man-made countertops are those that are made using artificial products such as binding resins. Without further ado, here are the top 10 types of kitchen countertops for your kitchen.


When talking about marble countertops, it’s hard to ignore and not talk about marble. It’s the most expensive natural stone countertop that money can buy. Aside from being expensive, marble is actually a very great kitchen countertop material that has found its way not just in luxury homes anymore. Even regular homes can enjoy getting marble.

If you have a marble countertop installed in your kitchen, it’s going to increase your home’s value significantly. It’s one of the types of kitchen countertops that get more expensive as it gets older. As such, it’s one of the best countertops currently. If you have the budget for it, make sure to get a marble countertop.


Despite being made from quartz natural stones, quartz countertops aren’t actually natural entirely. The truth is that quartz countertops aren’t made from pure quartz. In fact, they are made from 90% quartz at most. The rest of the countertop material is made from binding resins which make the piece doable as a kitchen countertop.

It’s one of the most popular countertops as of late. It has even taken the spot of granite as one of the most popular kitchen countertops out there. When getting a countertop, try to consider getting quartz as it’s a material that is one of the most durable of its kind. It also comes in a variety of colors that’s hard to pass upon.


When it comes to natural stone countertops that are cheap, you’d probably want to check out limestone. A slab of this won’t cost you anything more than $70. Despite its price, limestone is actually very durable and beautiful as well. That isn’t to say that there are downsides to it though. It does have one glaring flaw.

Limestone kitchen countertops are very sensitive to certain chemicals. As such, it would be best to use mild cleaning ingredients when using limestone as a countertop. The last thing you’d want is discoloration for a kitchen countertop that’s as precious as this one.


Wood countertops weren’t really popular in the last years. You won’t find people wanting to get a wood countertop installed in their kitchen before. However, as the technology behind countertop sealing has improved, so has people’s overall outlook on wood as a countertop for kitchens.

One of the main issues that people have with wood it’s that it’s very high maintenance. You literally have to clean it regularly. However, not that sealing technology is 100% better than it is, wood countertops have become very popular as well. Aside from their rustic appeal, they are also more durable and cheap as compared to other options.


Due to its soft texture and excellent make, this natural stone countertop has been called soapstone. Don’t underestimate it by the touch though. As a countertop, soapstone is a very popular option nowadays simply because it’s currently one of the cheapest materials for kitchen countertop installations currently.

Soapstone has an amazing and unique texture for a kitchen countertop. However, it can be very easy to scratch. As such, you should take good care of your soapstone kitchen countertop because you wouldn’t want it to get damaged or anything. The good news is that it’s vulnerabilities are easily fixed by sealing.


Back in the day, granite used to be the most popular kitchen countertop. It’s a natural stone countertop that’s not only affordable now, but it’s also very durable. Thanks to the rise of other types of countertops, the price of granite has dropped significantly which is why they are worth the buy, especially in today’s new countertop trend.

As a countertop, granite is many things. It’s heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and most importantly, it’s more beautiful than most natural stone countertops. Granite is often the prime choice of people who want to get marble but don’t have the budget for it. Granite is a very good substitution that you should consider getting.


We understand that not everyone likes steel as a countertop material. One of the problems with it is that it can get very noisy especially when you do prep work on it. If you are planning on getting a steel countertop, you need to make sure that there’s padding below the material so that it doesn’t make too much noise.

On the bright side, steel countertops are actually very cheap. As such, they are mostly used in restaurants and other food establishments where prep work is very essential.If you are running a business, then getting steel countertops is one of the best investments you can make. It’s cheap, durable, and most importantly, very easy to find.


When you hear the word concrete, one of the last things on your mind is actually using it as a countertop. Believe it or not, a lot of people actually used processed concrete as their kitchen countertop. One of the biggest upsides to it is that concrete is a very cheap kitchen countertop material that comes in a variety of colors.

As a countertop, concrete is made by contractors every step of the way. Due to its engineering, concrete countertops can come in virtually any color you want it to. Manufacturers often make concrete into something that looks very similar to natural stone which is just another reason why you should get this as a countertop material.

Ceramic Tiles

If you are into customization and ease installation, then the best countertop type you can get currently are ceramic tiles. As the name suggests, these are smaller slabs of ceramics that are layered one by one for your kitchen countertop. That being said, you can be very creative when having these installed in your kitchen.

Ceramic tiles come in many shapes and from which is why they are perfect for any kitchen or bathroom. The biggest upside to it is that it’s very easy to install. You can save a ton of money when getting ceramic tiles and then having them installed by yourself. Be very creative when having these installed and you’ll end up getting a marvelous and unique kitchen.

Recycled Material

Are you the type to be eco-friendly? Are most of the items in your home environmentally friendly? Then the best countertop option for you has to be anything that’s made out of recycled material. Most commonly, recycled material kitchen countertops are made from glass and glass bottles sourced from factories.

Due to the way they are made, recycled material countertops are very durable and cheap. The best establishments that can use these are bars and restaurants. Recycled material countertops offer  a ton of great design aesthetics that restaurants, homes, and regular people will like for their kitchen.

A kitchen remodeling service is in no way a  minor investment. You should consider getting your kitchen remodeled if you have the budget ready. Once the remodeling begins, make sure that you are going to invest in a high-quality countertop as well. What we’ve said above are just some of the great countertops to choose from.

Be very mindful of the kitchen countertop you get. The last thing you’d want is regretting your countertop decision eventually.  Kitchen countertops are usually a lifelong investment so you should be happy with what you pick. Hopefully, you find the countertop of your choice from our list here above. We’ve got some amazing choices here as well.

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