20 Rental-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Small condo kitchen with brown cabinets for Rental-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Are you looking to give your rental kitchen a stylish makeover without breaking the bank? With some clever tips and affordable DIY projects, you can easily transform your small, outdated rental kitchen into a gorgeous, modern space with personal touches.

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In this blog post gallery, we’ll share 20 brilliant rental-friendly kitchen remodel ideas ranging from quick upgrades to more involved renovations. These designs work beautifully for condos, homes, and galley-style kitchens. With budget-friendly changes like installing removable backsplashes, adding shelving, painting cabinet doors in stylish colors, and more, you can camouflage flaws and customize your space.


Making over a rental kitchen on a budget may sound tricky. But with a bit of creativity, almost any kitchen can get a beautiful, renter-friendly makeover without complicated renovations or permanent changes. These easy, affordable ideas can help disguise flaws, add storage, and give your space a dose of personality.

Overview of the Remodel Ideas

In this gallery, we’ll cover 20 rental-friendly kitchen upgrades split into categories based on cost and complexity:

  • Quick Weekend Projects (6 ideas)
  • More Involved Makeovers (7 ideas)
  • Stylish Finishing Touches (7 ideas)

For each remodel idea, we’ve included photos, average pricing, and DIY tips to recreate the look. Whether you want to tackle fast, affordable upgrades or more ambitious changes, these 20 ideas can help you fall in love with your small rental kitchen.

Let’s get started transforming your space!

Quick Weekend Projects

If you’re short on time or funds, start with these 6 fast and easy rental kitchen makeovers you can DIY on a weekend:

1. Update Cabinet Hardware

Replacing old cabinet handles and knobs with modern hardware instantly modernizes your kitchen for $20-50. Opt for satin brass, matte black, copper, or chrome in unique shapes. Installing new rental-friendly cabinet hardware takes just an afternoon but makes a world of difference!

2. Install a Removable Backsplash

Backsplashes protect walls and add visual interest, but require drilling into the tile. Enter removable peel-and-stick backsplashes! They come in sleek materials like metal, smart tiles, and vinyl prints. Just peel off the adhesive backing and stick them to the wall. Use painter’s tape for extra security. When your lease is up, they can be removed cleanly.

Small kitchen with statement light fixture

3. Add Statement Light Fixtures

Tired of basic overhead lights? Liven up your rental kitchen with modern statement light fixtures! Pendants, DIY Edison bulbs, and unconventional lamp shades are all fair game. Check thrift stores and sites like Wayfair for budget-friendly options. Just be sure to avoid any permanent electrical work.

4. Paint and Camouflage Countertops

Painting cabinets can make a huge impact without replacing them. Go for a crisp white, light blue, sage green, or even navy for drama. Use a bonding primer and cabinet paint to easily disguise damaged areas. If your countertops are worn, camouflage them with contact paper for the look of natural stone.

5. Disguise Outdated Flooring

Cover up old carpet or flaws in your rental kitchen’s floors without fully replacing them. Peel-and-stick vinyl tiles in imitation wood look stunning. Or layer large “floor” rugs over worn areas – just be sure they don’t slip.

6. Replace Cabinet Doors

If your cabinet boxes are in good shape but doors are damaged, replace just the doors for an instant facelift. Order new flat-panel doors online or check home improvement stores for affordable options. While switching them out takes some work, it’s easier than a full cabinet replacement.

More Involved Makeovers

Ready for some slightly more ambitious upgrades? These rental kitchen remodels require a bit more effort, but can disguise flaws and completely change the look of your space.

Kitchen with open shelving

7. Add Shelving

Open shelving instantly modernizes a small kitchen. Install floating shelves or rail systems on walls for a sleek, customizable look. Use them to stow dishes and decor. Just steer clear of heavy items, which could damage walls.

8. Build a Stylish Kitchen Cart

A wheeled cart adds function and style. DIY a trendy one with plywood, hairpin legs, casters, and white paint or stain. Top with marble contact paper and use for meal prep. When it’s time to move, just roll it away!

9. Install Cabinet Lighting

Mood lighting can make a huge impact. Battery-powered tap lights are a renter-friendly option – just adhere them inside cabinets! Go for puck lights, strip lighting, or neon flex cables around the undersides of shelves.

10. Embrace Open Shelving

A few wall-mounted open shelves showcase pretty dishware and give a small kitchen a light, airy look. Stick with lighter dishes so your kitchen doesn’t start to look cluttered. Just avoid this if your walls need repairs.

11. Create Faux Cafe Curtains

Café curtains lend cottage charm to plain windows. Adhere curtain wire near the ceiling and hang fabric for faux ones. Remove at move-out or insert release tabs into drywall anchors. Sweet prints, gingham, and lace all create charm without commitment.

12. Cover the Fridge

Does your rental fridge stick out like a sore thumb? Cover it up with peel-and-stick wallpaper or contact paper! This disguises flaws and damage without restricting functionality. Use removable vinyl with patterns like marble or geometric prints.

Bright small kitchen area with white slab cabinets

13. Frame the Kitchen Window

Even basic windows get a custom look with decorative trim and framing. Use peel-and-stick trim strips rather than nailed-in molding. Go as ornate or sleek as you want – either way, it makes the window an intentional design feature.

Stylish Finishing Touches

Add personalized flair with these easy, removable rental kitchen makeovers:

14. Hang sheer curtains

Sheer curtains in breezy, lightweight fabrics filter light beautifully in a small kitchen without looking heavy. Hang them high to draw eyes up and make ceilings appear taller. Clips, tension rods, and other non-permanent hardware keep installation renter-friendly.

15. Add houseplants

No space for a garden? Houseplants bring life into a small rental kitchen. Spider plants, herbs, succulents, and vines thrive indoors. Arrange them in macrame hangers, on the windowsill, or in recycled containers. Just be cautious of plant locations to avoid leaks.

Elegant kitchen with wallpaper attached, white cabinets, and dark brown countertops

16. Use colorful contact paper

Contact paper easily upgrades countertops, cabinet fronts, drawers, and old tile backsplashes. Apply it smoothly then trim edges for a seamless look. Choose patterns like marble, geometric shapes, or vibrant colors to match your style. It protects surfaces and peels off easily when you move out.

17. Apply removable wallpaper

Personalize drab walls, disguise flawed areas, or just add eye-catching visual interest with removable wallpaper. Modern patterns like terrazzo, colorful stripes, and soothing green tones all inspire. Use it to make a living green accent wall or wallpaper inside open cabinets only you see.

18. Organize cabinets with clear containers

Maximize every inch of cabinet storage space with matching clear containers. Round canisters, stacking bins, and turntables all create order. Label them neatly with categories so even the insides of cabinets look polished.

19. Install a pegboard

Pegboards suit smaller kitchens perfectly for hanging frequently used tools and pots. Paint it with an energetic hue or artistic pattern, then arrange the essentials neatly. Place it on a single wall, inside a cabinet door, or spanning a whole gallery-style kitchen.

Small L-type kitchen with white shaker cabinets, and artistic backsplash

20. Add accent decals and wall art

Even renters can decorate walls and personalize their style. Removable wall decals and stickers make cute accent walls with minimal commitment. Or hang colorful removable wallpaper inside a cabinet for a hidden pop of pattern!


With clever rental-friendly remodels like installing backsplashes, painting cabinets, building shelves, and incorporating personalized touches, you can create a gorgeous kitchen makeover on a budget.

The best part? All of these affordable DIY kitchen upgrades are easy to accomplish on a weekend. And they can completely transform the look, function, and style of your small rental kitchen.

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