10 Most Popular Types of Bathroom Cabinets

10 Most Popular Types of Bathroom Cabinets
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One part of the house that doesn’t get the attention it deserves most of the time is the bathroom. The common misconception is that since this is a part of the house that’s not often visited, there’s no need for upgrades or renovations. In reality, though, getting a bathroom upgrade done is one of the best investments you can make,

When it comes to bathroom changes or renovations, the common requests are new floors, walls, toiletries, and fixtures. What many tend to forget is that there’s a world of wonders inside the bathroom and there are a lot of ways you can improve yours. You don’t have to be limited to these things as there are so many ways to improve your bathroom.

One of the most popular ways to do so currently is by getting yourself a bathroom cabinet. Bathroom cabinets might seem like a chic addition to your home but in reality, they add both style and function to your bathroom. If you want a bathroom that’s better, it’s a must that you consider getting bathroom cabinets.

Of course, there are many types of bathroom cabinets out there. It can be tough picking one that fits your needs and style.  It can be tough picking one that really works well with your bathroom which is why some people consider hiring special interior designers who can work on the bathroom and pick one that suits them.

Not everyone gets the privilege to hire an interior designer but we’re here to help you out. We are going to show you the 10 most popular types of bathroom cabinets which you should definitely consider for your home. Here’s what those bathroom cabinets are. Hopefully, you find one that fits your needs.

Basic Wood Cabinets

As the name suggests, these are basic wooden cabinets for your bathroom. They are simple, standard, and most importantly, they are cheap. If you are going for a simple yet rustic look for your bathroom, we highly suggest getting wood cabinets. It’s also suggested to get these if you are on a budget as they are very cheap.

You can buy pre-made wooden cabinets in many places but you can also have one custom build. What’s great about wood cabinets is that they are very versatile so they can come in various shapes and sizes, as well as various colors. An excellent choice that doesn’t really put your investment at risk.

Modular Cabinets

If you want cabinets that don’t take up much space, are stylish, and minimalist, then it’s a must that you consider getting modular cabinets. These are cabinets that are intended to make the most out of the space inside your bathroom meaning they are perfect for bathrooms that have limited space and size.

Modular cabinets come in basic designs. As we’ve said, they are minimalist. Don’t expect heavy modular cabinets that are too stylish. In most cases, these are cube-shaped, with basic solid colors as well. THe best asset of these cabinets of course is that they don’t really take up a lot of space inside your bathroom.

Ceiling High Cabinets

A lot of people tend to forget that bathrooms are not just spacious horizontally, they are also spacious from top to bottom as well. You can make the most out of this vertical space by getting ceiling high cabinets. Simply put, these are cabinets that reach from the bottom to the top of your bathroom.

We get your concern that cabinets like these might be problematic as they could be hard to reach. However, the one thing you should consider about ceiling high cabinets is that they can be customized to fit your height. It doesn’t have to be hard to get cabinets that are as large as these.

Mirrored Cabinets

Another thing you should have in your bathroom are mirrors. If you don’t want to create space for a cabinet and a mirror, why not have both? This is where mirrored cabinets come in. Simply put, these are cabinets that have mirrors as the door. It’s a two in one feature that makes it such a wonderful asset to have inside the bathroom.

What’s great about mirrored cabinets is that they can be versatile too. Some homeowners even get mirrored cabinets which are just as tall as them so that it can help give them a better view of themselves as they walk across the bathroom. Currently, this is one of the most popular bathroom cabinet designs there is.

Shutter Cabinets

If you want to give your home a classical old look, then it’s a must that you consider getting shutter cabinets. These are cabinets that have faces that look like those old traditional window shutters. It doesn’t sound good to read but in reality, this is a great looking cabinet that deserves a spot inside your bathroom.

A good thing about shutter cabinets is that they give enough ventilation for your cabinets inside. This prevents mold from developing within the cabinet which is a problem that a lot of homeowners have to face. It’s stylish, functional, but most importantly, safe for your bathroom as well as it can prevent mold.

Glass Cabinets

If you want a clean look for your bathroom, then you might want to try out glass cabinets. Simply put, these are see-through cabinets made of glass. They can make your bathroom look clean and pristine but most importantly, they can make your bathroom look very modern which is somewhat hard to do in some cases.

The problem we have with glass cabinets though is that they can be hard to maintain at times. The problem is that if the bathroom gets too steamy, it can be hard as you’ll have to wipe off the moisture that marks the cabinet. This isn’t a problem in most cabinets though, as this is only an issue with glass cabinets.

Flat Cabinets

If you want something more stylish and simple, go for flat cabinets which are very popular in modern homes. Cabinets like these are characterized by clean lines and features that can easily work well with almost every home decor. Regardless of what your bathroom’s overall design is, flat cabinets are worth it.

What’s great about flat cabinets is that they are timeless and traditional. You can’t go wrong with flat cabinets because of their simplicity. It’s also worth noting that another upside to these cabinets is that they are space savers too. They are best partnered with modern bathrooms that have minimal design.

Distressed Cabinets

If you have a classic farm style home, it can be tough picking a cabinet that’s good for your bathroom. One safe choice for homeowners that have such homes are distressed cabinets. These are cabinets that feature a unique yet classical design that’s perfect for homes that look simple and quaint.

Our main problem with distressed cabinets though is that they are very hard to partner with other items inside the bathroom. They can only work well with other farm style items inside your home so make sure to put a lot of consideration into it before getting this.

Inset Cabinets

If you have the budget to spend and want to get really luxurious cabinets, then you might want to consider inset cabinets. These are expensive because of the level of customization that goes into them. You need to have pinpoint accuracy when fitting these cabinets inside your bathroom.

When made properly though, inset cabinets can be a wonderful addition to your home as they really show the craftsmanship of the people that made them. 

Custom Cabinets

It can be really tough picking a cabinet that’s up to your standards which is why in many cases,  people opt to get custom cabinets instead. As the name suggests, these are cabinets that are custom made. While more expensive, they are some of the best cabinets that money can buy currently and there’s no doubting that.

When we say custom cabinets, we mean it’s fully customized. Everything from the size, shape, color, and then the material used for the cabinets will be taken into consideration. These are great as you can really build a cabinet that perfectly fits your kitchen’s needs and designs too.

These are the 10 best bathroom cabinets that money can buy. If you want to go for something else other than these, then feel free to do so. Remember, what’s important is that you keep yourself satisfied. Just remember to consider function and design when it comes to picking a bathroom cabinet for your home.

It all really depends on your options as the homeowner. If you can, you should definitely consider hiring a designer as they are the best people who can help you find the right cabinets for your home. If you can’t just make sure to coordinate with your contractor so they know how to make your bathroom cabinet work.

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