6 Mistakes Not to Make in Your Bathroom Remodel

6 Mistakes Not to Make in Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your house can be exciting and fulfilling at the same time. There’s nothing better than saving up a ton of money and then having it used to renovate your house or a part of it eventually. Some people opt to get remodeling services done on their house, room by room as it’s lighter on the budget and this could be ideal for you.

One part of the house that you should consider getting a remodel on is your  bathroom. Surprisingly, not a lot of homeowners think of their bathroom when getting a job done in their house. Why shouldn’t you? It’s one of the most functional parts of the house and it can also be a sign of your home’s luxuriousness as well.

A lot of people who’ve had work done on their bathroom are proud of the results. This is because bathrooms are  a big deal. You do a lot of things inside of it so it’s only a must that you invest on that part of your house. As good as it is though, remodeling a small part of the house is not as easy as it seems.

There are many problems that could stem from not being prepared well when it comes to your bathroom renovation. For one, there are a lot of pipes inside your home which could be a problem during renovation. Another issue is that since bathrooms are usually small, there are a lot of complexities that can go with renovation.

It’s easy to know what you need to do for your bathroom remodel but sometimes, people make mistakes when getting the job done. This time, we are going to talk about some of the steps that you can take to ensure that your bathroom remodel goes as smoothly as possible. Without further ado, here’s what those steps are.

Forgetting To Plan About What You Want

The last thing you’d want to do is to rush the planning of your bathroom remodel. There are so many things you can do with your bathroom that you can wind up having to not know what you actually want to be done if you arrange things at the last minute. It would be wise to have everything prepared at least a month before the project begins.

If you want to make the project more successful, you should coordinate with your contractors. Have them visit your place and do an ocular visit first. Let them check out your original bathroom and have them get a feel of what they can do with it. This includes planning for the budget and the possible things you want done.

Getting A Remodel Without A Budget In Mind

As we’ve said, home remodeling isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. In fact, it’s expensive even if you just consider your bathroom for work. In total, you are expecting to spend at least $10,000 for a bathroom remodel but this is the complete work we are talking about. This includes installation of new showerheads, toilets, tiles, and many others.

A lot of people try to get a remodel without even thinking about their budget first. This is a big mistake for many reasons. One, you might end up having to pay for something you can’t even afford in the first place. This could lead to serious financial troubles which you definitely don’t want going your way.

Another problem that can stem from this is that you can have your renovation halted or revised in the middle of the project just because you lack the budget to move forward with the original plan. That will be a bother not just for you, but also for the people you hire for the job as well.

Ideally, you should keep a budget and mind and then save enough money to go beyond it. This way, you can guarantee yourself and your contractors that you aren’t going to have the project impeded in anyway in the near future. Just make sure that you set a realistic budget for yourself first so that you don’t get overwhelmed by it.

Being Too Unrealistic About Your Requests/Budget

Regardless of how good your contractor is, they are going to have their limits with regards to what they can do for your bathroom, as well as what they can work with. While they’ll try to adjust and adapt as much as they can, don’t be too hard on them by becoming unrealistic. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make on your end.

By this unrealism, we are referring to things such as setting too low of a budget for your bathroom remodel. It also means making outrageous requests for your contractor to do. As a general rule of thumb, you should always consult with them beforehand so that you know what they are and what they aren’t capable of.

Believe it or not, contractors are very flexible. However, at the end of the day, they are only human too. Be very kind and realistic with what you want them to do because they’ll do it at the best of their capacity. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about your limitations as they’ll try to suggest things on their end as well.

Not Prepare Your Schedule

On average, a bathroom remodel can last for 30 or so working days depending on the complexity of the project, as well as the size of your bathroom. That’s a long time – most of which, your bathroom is going to be unusable for. That means you need to prepare yourself and your family to adjust accordingly.

Make sure to be very lenient with your schedule as some projects may go by longer or quicker than what was the original plan. What’s important is that you know what you are getting into so that your contractor won’t be pressed for time in any way. Ideally, you should coordinate with your contractor regarding the timeframe of the project.

Not Screen Your Contractor Properly

There are countless, literally countless contractors you can hire for your bathroom remodel but it’s safe to say that some are definitely going to be better than others. Ideally, you should screen them as thoroughly as possible before hiring them. This is one part of the remodel process that you don’t want to skimp on.

By screening your contractors well, you can immediately see whether or not they are going to be a fit for the job of doing the remodeling for your home THe problem with not screening your contractors properly is that you can end up getting contractors who are not worth your time and money. How does one screen for a contractor?

Well, one thing you can do is visit the website of the contractor and look at it for any reviews and certifications. Most importantly, you should look for portfolios as well. This will give you a deeper insight into the quality of work that the contractor can provide. This also gives you a definite understanding of whether or not they fit the bill.

Alternatively, you can ask for friends or family for referrals as well. They might have some contractors in mind who can help you out. This is actually a better method of looking for a contractor because it’s a direct look into the quality of work they can give you.

Avoiding A Professional Designer

If you really want your bathroom remodel to be perfect at every inch, then you might want to go to a professional designer to have the place designed for you. It’s going to cost you extra for a designer but for the quality work they do and what you get in return, it’s going to be well worth it for your bathroom.

Contractors can recommend a designer to you if you want to. A professional designer can help find the right design options for your bathroom. This includes aesthetic and functional choices as well. They are an important part of the process that you don’t want to skip unless you yourself have experience when it comes to home design.

These mistakes that you can commit are not just big, they are also pretty common. However, so long as you know what you are doing and you know what needs to be done for your bathroom remodel, you can easily avoid these major errors. Hopefully, you don’t make any of these when the time comes for your remodel.

While we encourage getting a bathroom remodel done on your home, it’s still best to make sure that you are doing things as properly as possible. The last thing you’d want is to have your money wasted on a remodeling that’s done with a lot of mistakes. Hopefully, these tips guide you to a better home.

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