10 Top Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Bathroom Design Styles

Spacious bathroom remodeling ideas with tub, shower, and toilet
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If you are considering doing some bathroom remodeling, one of the first steps in the process of getting a beautiful bathroom is finding some bathroom remodel ideas. To make your bathroom renovation a success, you are going to have to start off with some great bathroom renovation ideas for inspiration.

Finding some amazing bathroom design ideas to fit your style and needs will make your whole bathroom remodeling process a lot better. With the right bathroom remodel ideas for 2021 you can have a great foundation to start your project off right.

To help you find some bathroom ideas we have created this list with the top ten best bath remodel ideas from our team of experienced bathroom designers and contractors. These bathroom update ideas will give you all of the inspiration you need to ensure that your bathroom remodel turns out incredible.

Backlit Medicine Cabinet

White bathroom with vessel sink and round mirror

One of our favorite remodel bathroom ideas right now is to have a medicine cabinet installed with lights in the back of it. This creates a sort of halo effect that makes the medicine cabinet’s mirror seem like it is floating in the air.

You can find a few backlit medicine cabinets to choose from to use in your bathroom make over. This will enhance the look of your bathroom and will cast a great light without shadows. This makes getting ready for the day or a night out much easier.

Heated Floors

Bathroom with brown vanity, shower and tub

There are not many better feelings than waking up on a cold morning and stepping onto some heated bathroom floors to help you wake up and feel energized for the day. Of all the remodeling bathroom ideas out there, this one is one of the most luxurious feelings for sure.

Considering the fact that bathrooms have small floors, this feature can be fit into most bathroom with ease, and feels like a truly high end element. Having heated floors as part of your bathroom renovation is going to make you feel quite satisfied.

Open Shelving

Floating vanity in wood color

Having some open shelving installed during your bathroom renovation is something that will add some vital storage space for bathroom goods but will not make your space feel crowded. Open shelves are a great bathroom remodeling idea because you can also have some cool decorations on them that will accent the overall design of your bathroom.

Open shelving will keep your bathroom feeling open and airy so that you can easily navigate your bathroom and feel comfortable inside. This is a great idea for adding some extra storage space and you will be happy to have it as part of your bathroom remodel.

Barrierless Shower

Bathroom with wood vanity, shower, and toilet

A big trend in modern design is to keep a space feeling open and a barrierless shower will really help you achieve this nice design strategy. Barrierless showers don’t have any enclosure and so it leaves your bathroom feeling a lot more spacious.

If you choose a barrierless shower, you have to be sure that your items in the splash zone will not be ruined by water, as there is nothing to prevent water from splashing around. This is a really cool look that helps you have a larger shower without taking up too much space.


White bathroom with floating toilet, vanity, and tub

With the toilet paper shortage that occurred with the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020, many people started to wonder about using a bidet instead. This item is a great addition to a bathroom remodel and will make your body very clean while saving you from worrying about buying so much toilet paper.

You can choose to have a standalone bidet which is a separate unit next to your normal toilet, or there are toilets with bidets built into them for added convenience. This is a common item in European bathrooms and people feel it helps them clean their bodies better after using the restroom.


Skylight window for bathroom

A wonderful addition to a bathroom that will make it feel brighter and more open is a skylight. This is only possible if your bathroom is directly under your roof, so if your bathroom is on the first floor and you have a second floor, it won’t work for you.

A skylight will bring in so much natural light and you will feel super happy waking up and getting ready for your day under the light of the sun. Also, can you imagine taking a bath on a cloudless night under the lights of the moon and the start? Simply heavenly.

Quartz Vanity Top

White shaker cabinets with granite countertop

The solid, stone like appearance of quartz makes this engineered material a perfect choice for a bathroom remodel. You can choose from all sorts of patterns and colors to meet any of your design needs.

Your bathroom vanity will have a certain elegance if your top is made from quartz. This material is strong, resistant to scratching and even has antimicrobial properties so that you won’t be too worried about bacteria or viruses making their home there.

Large Floor Tiles

Elegant bathroom with shower, tub, and toilet

This year has seen many designers choose large size stone tiles with small grout lines in their bathroom remodels. This gives the floor a more seamless look and will be a great option for your flooring.

You can’t go wrong with marble tiles for a bathroom floor, they are a timeless look that carries a certain elegance and beauty that is hard to ignore. The small grout lines that you can make with large tiles are a great look that helps the bathroom look more uniform.

Floating Vanity

Modern bathroom style with large window, floating vanity, and tub

A floating vanity is mounted on the wall behind it so it doesn’t have any legs or a base that obstructs the ground. This creates a really luxurious and almost magical look that you will surely enjoy seeing each time you enter your bathroom.

A floating vanity can also make bathroom cleaning easier as you can have access to all of the floor underneath for an easy sweep and mop. This is a really beautiful bathroom feature that will also make your cleaning a little easier.

Modern Toilet

Modern style bathroom with floating toilet, tub and vanity

There have been a few innovations in toilets in the last few years that make this a very exciting time to be buying and installing a new one. For a long time toilets have been pretty much the same design, look and function, but now all of that is changing.

You can choose features like touchless toilets that have self opening lids and automatic flushing so that you don’t have to worry about spreading bacteria around your bathroom or home. There have been some design changes to toilets also so that they don’t have that awkwards space behind them that attracts dust, dirt and goodness knows what else.

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