Latest Custom Closet Design Trends In Woodbridge VA

Latest Custom Closet Design Trends In Woodbridge VA
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One great joy that not many people get to experience in their life is having the home that they dream of. People, these days, are looking forward to remodeling parts of their houses. Small kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling are some of these. Aside from that, another exciting remodeling project is a custom closet. When you decide to have a custom closet design in your home, you are getting a space that is tailored exactly to your needs.

Whether you are thinking about a small custom closet or even a custom walk-in closet, there are a lot of possibilities to make your dreams come true. You may be wondering about the best custom closet design ideas to create a diy custom closet, and that is a great start.

For this blog post, our experts in custom closet design in Woodbridge, VA will share their insider knowledge and tips with you. This article not only analyzes the custom closet trends in Woodbridge, VA, but also dives deeper to show you exactly what is possible.

Do You Have An Existing Closet, Or Starting From Scratch?

If you have an existing closet that you want to refurbish to fit your needs, you might need to do some different tasks to get your dream closet. On the other hand, if you want to create a closet where none currently exists, that is a whole different story.

When you want to change your current closet, that is a fairly simple job that most people with a few tools can enjoy doing themselves over the weekend. You might just need to install some shelves, drawers, and other storage options to make your closet more useful to you.

When you talk about creating a new closet or expanding a small closet, you have a lot more skills and tools that will be needed to get it done. You would be better off consulting with a closet designer or contractor to help you get everything you need.

Custom Small Closet

Just like in having custom kitchen cabinets, If you want to make a small closet into a personalized storage space, there are many techniques you can employ. With a small closet, you must always be aware of how much space you are taking up and how easy it will be to find everything you need.

It’s a great idea to divide your small closet into zones and think about your visual path to get to each zone. Next, try not to have anything blocking your sight path to get to your zones and you will be well on your way to having an incredible small closet.

Shelves are a huge help in a small closet to help you separate different items that you can keep logically organized. Most closets have hanging space, but your closet could have different purposes and you need to decide what your priorities are.

Custom Closet Doors

A surefire way to make your custom closet shine like a star is to have some beautiful, custom doors built for it. Just like all the different kitchen cabinet design ideas, with There are many styles of closet doors that you can choose from each creating a different atmosphere surrounding your closet, including:

  • Single door – this style of door is your standard closet entrance that will give your closet a more unassuming look, but you can certainly choose high-end woods and patterns to make it fire.
  •  Barn door – this is a sliding door with some rustic iron hardware that can give your closet a humble look.
  • French doors – if you want to be a little showy, glass French doors will tell the world that you have some great stuff in your closet.
  • Pocket door – these doors tuck right into the wall and are therefore the most space-saving idea and also a trendy look.

When you work with a custom closet team you will have access to the highest-end closet doors that can make your room amazing. You will have the choice of many types of materials, including wood, iron, aluminum, and glass.

You also get to think about the hardware you have on your closet doors and how that will affect the overall look of your space. You can choose from different metals, or you can try to hide all hardware for a sleek and sophisticated style.

The King Of Custom Closets: Walk-In Closet

If you really want to store all of your stuff in an easy-to-access space, you need to have a walk-in closet in your life. There are so many possibilities with a walk-in closet and you can have as many as will fit into your dedicated space. However, if you’re not good at organization and cleaning, you can also hire a house cleaning service to do it for you, so you can spend your time on more important things. 

The first step you can take to having a wonderful custom walk-in closet is to measure your space and draw out a map on paper or in a computer program. Then you can play around with different layouts and see which one would be the best for your needs.

You also might consider where you will store items, meaning if you need to have custom cabinets designed for your walk-in closet. Custom cabinets help to take advantage of every inch of space, and they look amazing when they are finished and installed.

Closet Lighting: An Often Forgotten Aspect

Being able to see in your closet is one thing that people can too easily overlook when they are doing a custom closet design. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the things you need in your closet, and having the best lighting will help that never happen to you.

You might consider installing task lighting, which you can use when you are using a certain zone of your closet. An example of task lighting in a custom closet would be in-drawer lighting that comes on when you open a drawer so that you can find what you need.

Too many people install good lighting in their closets, only to block it out with the items they keep inside. Be sure your lighting won’t get blocked by your stuff, and your closet will be infinitely more useful than a less well-thought-out closet.

What Does Your Closet Connect To?

You need to think about where your closet is located and how it will be used. Most closets are in the bedroom, so you want to make sure you can access it well with the flow of the space. There are latest bathroom trends and ideas that could also help you get a better connection with your closet. 

You might even consider moving the closet door if it’s in an awkward position. You need to consider the entire room and understand how you will be using your closet to have a successful custom closet design.

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