Modern Walk-In Custom Closet Design To Consider Right Now!

Modern Walk-In Custom Closet Design To Consider Right Now!
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Are you planning on revamping your closet and transforming it to become the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams?  Well, we got you covered. Here are some useful modern walk-in custom closet designs that will guide you in building the wardrobe you’ve been yearning for:

Use Open Storage

If you are someone who wants to mix and match your outfit, this is the best design for your custom build closet. Laying out everything in front of you will help you identify which one to wear, which you haven’t worn, and which is out of trend. 

One great way of incorporating open storage is cubby-style shelving where you can customize the shelves for sweaters, shoes, trousers, hats, and other accessories that you want to display in your wardrobe. 

It’ll be easier for you to look for your clothing and accessories. You can also sort out things based on color and the type of clothing. A cubby-style shelf might be what you need to help you organize things. Also, we can definitely help you customize your open shelving to match your master bedroom or the theme of your house.

Build a closet island 

When it comes to designing walk-in closets, improving functionality is our top priority. If you have ample space, we can install a closet island that’ll be multi-functional. It’ll be a place for you to fold your garments, or sort things out in small containers. It’s a game-changer for most homeowners dreaming of having a walk-in closet custom-made for them.

We can add sockets at the foot of your closet island so that you can charge your phones or other devices you’ll need while you’re there. A drawer built inside the base cabinet of your island would also be great. You can store small items there like socks, stockings, handkerchiefs, and neckties.

There are lots of ways to customize your closet island to fit your needs. Our team at OneStop Kitchen and Bath can help with that.

Create a rotating closet system 

If you have limited space around your closet, you can create a 360-degree rotating custom closet system. With this, you can have ample storage for your clothes, shoes, and other accessories without having to worry about space.

Instead of walking to the end of your room to get your clothes, you can rotate your closet, and it’ll be a one-stop manner of finding things in your closet.

Install closet organizers

If you have limited space or are on a budget, to improve your wardrobe is to install custom closet organizers. Sort your things according to their daily usage and importance. You can also customize your organizers depending on your preference.

Whether you go for a DIY custom closet or hire a professional, installing closet organizers will greatly improve storage. We can use a combination of rods, shelves, drawers, and open shelving for your custom closet. Our team does the same thing for small custom closets.

By improving your storage, you can purge your old items, and organize things more efficiently. You can take advantage of our free design consultation for an initial talk. We’ll find the best design for your custom closet.

Add some seats

Some days you’ll be spending a couple of hours deciding on your outfit for a special occasion. During these days you’ll need a comfortable seat such as a big couch, stylish bench or a simple chair to keep you fresh while getting ready.

That said, we can add chairs to your closet island. That way, you can relax while folding your clothes, or sorting items in your drawers. We can also pick a fabric that matches your stone countertop and drawer fronts. Besides that, you can comfortably wear your socks and shoes while sitting on your cushioned seats.

Add a safe

Just a locker for your important documents, a hidden safe place inside your closet is one important thing you should add to your custom walk-in closet. You have the option to install your safe inside a drawer, on the wall, or at the back of your closet. We can help you find the best spot to install your safe.

Don’t let your guard down on your valuable items, and make sure to keep your expensive watches or jewelry within your reach. The safe will be the best place to store your valuable items. Make sure to secure a place where you can hide your backup key, in case you forget your passcode.

Create a focal point

Creating a focal point doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be lavish to attract guests when they get to visit your closet. You can use large hanging lights to add some elegance and create more illumination. Here are some ideas you can try for your walk-in closet:

  • A closet island
  • Vanity mirror and countertop
  • Wall-to-wall cubby shelving
  • Hanging pendant light
  • Whole body mirror
  • Area rug at the center of your room

A dedicated shoe storage

You can also consider having a dedicated shelf for your shoes and sandals. This can be placed opposite your open shelving. Alternatively, we can also place that adjacent to your closet so that it makes an L-shape.

This idea is adopted by many homeowners since they have a single reference point for finding and sorting their footwear. It is both a fancy and functional idea you can have for your walk-in closet. You have the option to have a one or two-level shoe storage system. This depends on how many shoes you have right now, and the ones you’re planning to buy in the future.

Need more help designing your modern walk-in closet? 

We hope you learn a lot from our article. OneStop Kitchen and Bath is passionate about what we do, helping clients get the best results from their kitchen, bathroom, and closet renovations. Should you need more help there, you can book an appointment online for our free design consultation.

We can also give you a free quote for your dream closet design. And if you don’t have enough budget to fund your home improvements, you can explore our flexible financing options.

Feel free to share this blog with your friends and family, who might find it helpful!

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