12 Useful Tips in Budgeting For Your Kitchen Remodel

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One thing that is really fun is to dream about a new kitchen, but the reality is that what you need to think about is kitchen remodeling on a budget. You could have the greatest kitchen ideas in the world, but if they don’t fit into your kitchen remodeling budget, they will never happen.

Remodeling a kitchen on a budget is no easy task, but it is something that you need to do so that you can get a new kitchen and be able to enjoy it without going too much into debt. There are many ideas for remodeling a kitchen on a budget and ways that you can make sure your project doesn’t go over budget.

Whether you want to do a budget kitchen remodel or you just need some help sticking to your kitchen remodeling budget, these twelve tips are going to be a great help to your efforts. With these twelve tips you will have a good idea of how to remodel a kitchen on a budget.

Know Your Finances

Getting to know every detail of your finances will help you to come up with an appropriate budget for remodeling a kitchen. You have to know how much money you can afford and how much money you will have left over to come up with a way to get a remodeled kitchen on a budget.

It may help to meet with a financial advisor to see how to renovate your kitchen on a budget that will work for you. Getting help from experts is often necessary to have the best results, and a financial advisor will know all kinds of tricks you can do to make your plans possible.

Get Ideas Before You Talk To a Contractor

You can find so many great kitchen ideas on a budget on the internet so that when you meet with a contractor you can spend less time and effort planning, and just get right down to business. You should be able to estimate what the ideas you find cost, so then you don’t have to go back and forth, getting ideas with the contractor and having to decline because it turns out to be out of your price range.

The more you know before going into meetings with a contractor, the more power you will have to make sure you are getting the best deals. When you have confidence that you know what you want, the contractor won’t try to upsell you on things that you don’t need.

Most kitchen contractors want the best for you and want you to be able to afford your remodel, but it is always good to have an understanding of what you want so that you can’t be taken advantage of.

Use A Spreadsheet

It is much easier to keep track of all of your expenses on a spreadsheet. This way every item will be nicely organized in one place and you won’t have to search through paperwork to know some number that you are wondering about.

Have Emergency Funds

It is commonly advised to have about twenty percent extra cash available in case something unexpected comes up. Sometimes demolition will reveal bigger problems than were expected like outdated wiring, rot or leaking pipes.

If an emergency suddenly eats up all of your capital, you might have to stop work in the middle or have to take out expensive credit card debt to continue. Having some cushion for your project budget will make sure that everything can be done one time, and if you have extra money left over you could have a big party!

Look For Used Materials

There are many sources to find perfectly good if not barely used building materials and appliances. You can check out craigslist, thrift stores, or Habitat For Humanity has used building supply stores around the country which are a great place to score a treasure.

You might be able to find a beautiful piece of granite that allows you to create a kitchen island, or some new windows that didn’t fit into someone else’s remodel. There are many opportunities out there to find great building materials at a discounted price.

Have Priorities

When checking in some great kitchen ideas, it could be the case that your budget will allow for high-end features in one area, but not in another. When you know your priorities for your kitchen, you can spend the money you have to get high-quality materials that you can’t live without, then save money on areas that are not as important to you.

Maybe you really want to have a high-end, six-burner stove installed. You could spend a lot of your budget on that, then maybe go with a cheaper flooring like laminate that works very well and looks good, but doesn’t come with the prestige of a material like marble tile. It is all about knowing what you care about and spending your budget on what is most important to you

Find Out If You Will Need To Be Out Of Your House

Kitchen remodels can be very disruptive to daily life, and you may need to budget for spending time away from your home while work is in progress. Speak with your contractor to find out how they feel about you staying in the house, or if they need you to find alternative accommodations.

Renting a different house to stay in will not be cheap, so you need to know if this is going to be a part of your budget or not. Hopefully if you need to vacate your home, you can find friends or relatives who can put you up and you could even end up having a great time getting to know them better.

Food Budget

If you won’t be able to use your kitchen, your food budget could change a lot and could blow your budget. Plan to spend more money eating out, eating convenience food and making other arrangements.

If your budget is really tight, you might be able to set up a temporary kitchen with a camping stove, but it probably won’t be very comfortable and you will feel like eating out a lot more.

Can You Do Any Work Yourself?

You can potentially save labor costs by doing some of the kitchen remodeling work yourself. Demolition is an especially easy part that is a lot of hard work, but something that anyone can do.

Speak with your contractor to see if they are comfortable with you helping on some projects. Sometimes insurance might make this impossible, but it does not hurt to ask.

Do The Work In Stages

If you want to get started on your kitchen remodel, but need more time to save up for the project, you may be able to do the work as you can afford it. This means that after each task you will have to be able to use your kitchen, but it is possible to find a way to do it.

You could hold off on buying appliances, and just leave space for the ones you know that you want. You could wait to do the trim work until you have enough money to do it the way you want.

Keep Your Sink Where It Is

One sure way to inflate your kitchen remodeling budget is to move your sink to a new location. This will require the expensive labor of a highly skilled plumber. Working around your existing water lines and drains is a great way to make sure that your budget stays under control.

Reuse Your Old Cabinets

Installing Kitchen Cabinets is typically the most expensive part of a kitchen remodeling budget. If your cabinets are in good shape, maybe a simple and cheap paint job will help them to stay useful for some more years while you save up for the perfect kitchen cabinets.

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