Latest Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Montclair VA – Newest Trends

Latest Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Montclair VA - Newest Trends
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Doing some bathroom remodeling is at the top of many homeowners lists of things they would like to do. Finding some amazing bathroom remodel ideas in Montclair, VA is one of the first steps to getting the new bathroom you desire.

There are many great bathroom design ideas in Montclair, VA right now that make this an especially exciting time to take on this project. Getting a bathroom renovation done will make you a lot more comfortable in your home.

To help you stay up to date on the latest bathroom remodeling ideas in Montclair, VA we have asked our expert team of bathroom remodeling contractors in Montclair, VA for their opinions to share with you. Use these bathroom update ideas to inspire and inform your design process.

Floating Vanity with Marble Top

Elegant bathroom with white vanity and tub-shower combination

A bathroom vanity that is mounted to the wall and appears to float is a classy feature that is popular recently. Add a white marble top and you have an elegant look that will make you feel like you are in a spa resort.

Floating vanities can be installed with one or two sinks for the ultimate comfort that fits your bathroom. This type of vanity has a sleek, modern appearance but it also provides plenty of storage space for bathroom necessities.

Luxury Walk-In Shower

Elegant bath with black vanity, and shower

Most people these days are foregoing a bathtub in favor of a large walk-in shower with a glass enclosure. A large shower head with great water pressure allows you to feel like you have soaked in hot water without waiting to draw a bath.

A frameless glass enclosure will help to give you bathroom an open feeling. This is great for a modern home look and very easy to clean with this this maid cleaners in Montclair VA.

We like some dark, stone colored tiles that bring a natural feeling to the shower experience. The stone tiles can make you feel like you are bathing in a mountain spring.

Smart Toilets

Toilet with smart technology

Most of us are used to the old standard toilet that has been used for the last century, but recently new technologies have really improved toilets and it is a great time to install a smart toilet.

You can have a hands-free, self cleaning toilet that helps keep you hygienic in the bathroom.

The shape of toilets is even different now. They look cooler and are easier to clean because they don’t have so many crevices that can trap dirt, hair and other things that I would rather not think about.

Large Format Tiles

Modern bathroom style with toilet, white vanity, and shower

Using big tiles right now is trending and making bathrooms look more open and airy. One of the keys to achieving this look is using small grout lines that make the tiled surface look seamless and monolithic

We love marble tiles with natural veining for an air of grandeur, like in some kitchen remodeling ideas  Large marble tiles are a sure way to increase the wow factor of your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Speakers

Bluetooth speaker for bathroom

Including some entertainment in your bathroom is easier than ever and one of the best ways is to install some smart speakers. Help yourself wake up with the news or get ready for a night out by playing your favorite songs through high quality speakers built into your bathroom.

Add Natural Light

White bathroom with tub

You have a few options for adding more natural light to your bathroom. Having sunlight when you wake up in the morning can make you more alert and productive during the day.

Expanding an existing window is usually one of the simplest options that can get more precious sunlight into your bathroom. Being able to open the bathroom window is great for ventilation as well.

A skylight is the most luxurious way to improve the natural lighting in your bathroom. Imagine taking a bath under the light of the stars!

Solar tubes are a bathroom renovation on budget friendly option that will fit into smaller bathrooms. A great thing about solar tubes is that they filter harmful UV rays while allowing in vital vitamin D.

Heated Floors

Heated system for flooring

The small size of most bathroom floors makes installing a floor heating system more affordable than you may think. This is a luxurious addition that will make you happy each time your feet are warmed in a cold morning.

Open Shelving

Bathroom with plants, and open shelving for storage

Having adequete storage space in your bathroom is a big key to being comfortable. Installing open shelving will allow you to store the things you need, add some decorative flair and have an open and airy feeling bathroom at the same time.

We like bracketless shelves that don’t seem as bulky as shelves with brackets. Keeping the shelves a natural wood color can bring a warm feeling to your bathroom.

Golden Brass Fixtures

Gold faucet on sink

Installing golden finished brass faucets and towell racks ups the elegance of your bathroom. Gold makes you feel warmed and cozy in the bathroom.

You don’t have to go with glossy golden brass, spun brass is popular and won’t show smudges like glossy finishes will.

Safety Features

Yellow bathroom with safety bars for elderly and pwd

These days bathrooms are being designed for the long haul. This means installing grab bars and non-slip floors.

These features aren’t just for old folks homes anymore, they are fashionable and smart to make sure your bathroom will be safe for many years to come.

Improved Ventilation

Farmhouse style bathroom with tub and vanity

Older ventilation systems are just not cutting it anymore and it is most likely time for you to upgrade. This is going to make your bathroom paint last longer and will stop unpleasant odors caused by mildew.

Modern Lighting Systems

Modern, spacious bathroom with tub and shower, and toilet

Having a great lighting system will help you groom yourself and keep your appearance looking good. Modern lights are brighter and more energy efficient so it is really smart to upgrade.

Consider a behind the medice cabinet lighting system that will allow you to see your face without casting any shadows.

Incorporate Plants

Elegant bathroom with fireplace and tub

Including some plants in your bathroom design ideas will liven up the space and make you feel happier. Create jungle atmosphere with some humidity loving friends.

Some cutting edge designers are starting their design process with some plants in mind and coming away with some unique and beautiful results. This is a very interesting trend that we love.

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