Must-Have Fixtures When Remodeling Your Bathroom in Onville VA

Must-Have Fixtures When Remodeling Your Bathroom in Onville VA
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Doing a bathroom remodeling project is an exciting step that you probably can’t wait to get started on. When you are doing some bathroom remodeling in Onville, VA, you definitely want to get the best looking fixtures you can.

Picking out the fixtures for remodeling a bathroom is a difficult choice, because you want them to be perfect for your style. Many people who are remodeling a bathroom in Onville, VA have been through the process, and wish they had thought more about fixtures from the start.

In this article our expert bathroom remodeling contractors will give you their advice on choosing the right bathroom fixtures. You can use this guide to make sure your bathroom remodeling project turns out the way you dream it will.

First Tip: Create An Idea Folder

Bathroom picture in a device placed on top of a floor plan

When you are selecting the best fixtures for your bathroom remodel, it helps to have all the options in one place. It is a great idea to print out or clip out ideas you have seen and love and put them into a folder you can take out and look at all together.

You could do this all on your computer, but it might not be as easy to see everything all at once like with actual photos. It might seem a little old school, but it is a great technique that helps you imagine better which one will fit into your dream bathroom.

You also won’t have such an easy way to make your idea folder too big with physical copies, it’s just not practical. Too many ideas in a digital format can be overwhelming and slow down your progress.

Consider Your Flooring 

Elegant bathroom with light brown vanity, toilet, shower and tub

Flooring is a fixture that is as important as any in a bathroom. It may not seem like it has a big impact on the style of your bathroom, but it has a subtle effect that can’t be ignored.

You want to choose a flooring that matches with the rest of your bathroom, but you can also have some contrast or complementary colors in the floor. This helps to break up your bathroom so that it doesn’t feel monotonous.

Many people want tile in their bathroom, and that is for good reason. It looks amazing and holds up to the moisture of a bathroom with ease.

Sinks And Vanities

Green bathroom with brown vanity and toilet

You’re going to use your bathroom sink for many things and you need to make it something that is functional and attractive. There are many options when it comes to sinks, such as:

  • Pedestal Sink- An elegant option that doesn’t take up much visual space and gives you room to move. Don’t expect to store anything underneath it though.
  • Single Vanity- A bathroom vanity gives you some room to keep some bathroom necessities and holds your sink nicely. You can choose a vanity to fit your style and your storage needs.
  • Floating Vanity- This bathroom fixture is mounted to the wall and appears to float in your bathroom. This is a modern design feature that many folks are choosing these days.
  • Vessel Sink- Having a bowl like sink that sits on top of a bathroom vanity is a cool look that has a spa-like feeling to it.

Walk In Showers

Elegant bathroom with black vanity, and shower

Most people are opting for a walk in shower these days instead of the old fashioned shower bath combo. Showers are just more convenient and they give you bathroom a more modern look.

You can choose several different styles for a shower enclosure, Some of the shower enclosures available to you are:

  • Framed Glass- This is a standard shower enclosure and you can choose either a sliding door, or a hinged door.
  • Frameless Glass- This gives your bathroom a more open and modern look, but it comes with a higher price tag.
  • Shower Curtain- this is a great way to save some money on your shower enclosure and can look great in many different bathrooms.

Some people want a walk in shower, and a bathtub too. The pairing of a walk in shower and a free-standing tub is a modern bathroom designer’s dream.

Bathroom Cabinets To Store Your Necessities

Brown vanity with gray countertop

Getting a good set of bathroom cabinets designed and installed can make a huge difference in your bathroom. If you struggle with a cluttered bathroom, the right cabinets could solve all of your problems. 

There are many bathroom cabinets that look amazing depending on the style you are going for. Some different types of bathroom cabinets are:

  • Shaker Cabinets: These classic cabinets have a frame around a recessed center panel. They look great with a coat of paint.
  • Flat Cabinets: With a single panel of wood for the doors, this style of cabinets looks great for a modern, white bathroom.
  • Recessed Medicine Cabinet: Medicine cabinets are perfect for storing the little things you need by the sink, and a recessed cabinet helps keep your bathroom’s visual field open and airy.

Toilets, Bathrooms Need Toilets

Black bathroom with floating vanity, toilet, and tub

They may not be the most pleasant things to think about, but bathrooms are incomplete without a toilet. This is actually an awesome time to be toilet shopping because there are plenty of new designs to choose from that will keep your bathroom interesting.

While the standard toilet has been around for more than a century, there have recently been some advancements that make toilets much more interesting. The new toilet styles you can consider for your bathroom remodel are:

  • Wall Mounted Toilet- These toilets hide their water tank in the wall behind the toilet. This gives you more room in your bathroom and is easier to clean than the old style of toilet.
  • Hands Free Toilets- Now you don’t even need to touch your toilet with your hands and risk spreading germs. Hands-free toilets open when you approach them, then flush and even clean themselves when you are done.
  • One Piece Toilets- These toilets don’t leave those awkward spaces that collect dirt, hair, dust and other nasty stuff. They are much easier to clean and have a sleek look.

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Full Remodeling Project to 5 people this week!
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