5 Remodeling Ideas To Maximize Your Small Kitchen In Friendly MD

kitchen project in waldorf md with blue cabinets, white countertops, wood flooring. 5 Remodeling Ideas To Maximize Your Small Kitchen In Friendly MD
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There are a lot of ideas for remodeling a small kitchen on a budget, but you still might doubt that you can get what you want within your price range. With all of these kitchen remodeling ideas for small kitchens, you are sure to find one that you love and fits your personality.

A lot of homeowners are doing some small kitchen remodeling in Friendly, MD, so you are in good company in this endeavor. You can probably even contact some of your friends or neighbors for small kitchen kitchen remodeling ideas in Friendly, MD that they love.

To help you refine your small kitchen remodeling ideas, our team of experts will share their opinions in this post. This will give you a clear picture of what it is like to have small kitchen remodeling ideas before and after in Friendly, MD.

White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Quartz Kitchen Countertops

A white kitchen is a timeless choice that you are sure to enjoy for many decades to come. Add to your white kitchen a bit of contrasting black in the center of the room and you have more than just a traditional look, you have a stunning kitchen.

White kitchens are always a great idea in smaller spaces because they make the room feel bigger and brighter. The black quartz countertops in the middle of the kitchen add depth to the space that makes it seem even larger.

It is an interesting idea to play around with the textures of your cabinets to see how it looks in your home. Some different cabinets with different textures that you could try to see if your have a match are:

  • Shaker cabinets- these are the most traditional look. They have a frame around a recessed center panel that adds some interesting shadows to your kitchen.
  • Louvered cabinets- this style of cabinet looks a bit like storm shutters, with horizontal slats across the door. They are also a good way to gain more airflow inside your kitchen cabinets.
  • Flat cabinets- With a sheer surface you have a texture too, it is just that it happens to be flat. This could be a great addition to your white kitchen with black countertops.

Modern Black Kitchen With Chrome Accents

Going for a completely different direction and feeling than our first small kitchen remodeling idea, a black kitchen can be a refreshing look. Not many people think of having a black kitchen when they are first making their plans, but it can work well with the right design techniques.

This black kitchen cabinet idea looks great when you bring in some big streaks of chrome with your cabinet pulls, range hood and stainless steel appliances. Some other ideas to help your black kitchen remodel turn out successful include:

  • Lots of colorful light fixtures to illuminate every corner of the space.
  • Big windows to increase the view outside and bring in more sunshine.
  • A lighter colored floor, such as gray tile or even white to help balance things out.
  • Houseplants that bring in some extra animation and even movement if there is a breeze or strong fan.

You also might want to play with some different looks for your countertops in a black kitchen. A lighter color is an obvious bonus, but you can also have dark countertops with light veins to make the contrast that much more subtle and striking.

Multi-Colored Kitchen To Capture Your Imagination

You don’t necessarily have to stick with one color idea for kitchen remodeling. Adding accents or contrast walls into your space can have the effect of making a small kitchen seem like it is bigger than it is in reality.

You can do some investigation into which colors look good in your kitchen with your lighting scheme and the shape of the room. You can choose to have one wall one color, and another wall a completely different color that works in harmony.

Another option is to make the top of the kitchen one color, then change colors with the kitchen cabinets, then even a different backsplash, different countertops and even different flooring colors. This sort of transformative kitchen can have a lively appearance that can work surprisingly well.

Tall and Long Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Golden Hardware and White Walls

If you want a sort of contemporary elegance in your small kitchen remodeling project, look non further than gray cabinets, golden hardware and white walls. This color scheme really lends itself to a lot of different size spaces.

Doing tall and thin gray cabinets has the effect of elongating the entire space, making your smaller size kitchen feel a bit roomier. There is no telling the amount of extra space you will feel when you choose this type of kitchen cabinet, and then making them gray helps even more.

Golden hardware in this type of kitchen is like adding rays of sunshine to what otherwise could be a sort of stormy affair. Then when you add in some white walls as the background, you get more of that pleasant afternoon feeling that is wonderful in a small kitchen.

Black and Gold Cooking Area With Marble Backsplashes and A White Kitchen Island

There are some small kitchen remodeling ideas that add more to the kitchen, but still make the space feel bigger, instead of crowded. You can have a black cooking area, like a black range hood and black cabinets around your stove and oven.

Then, put some white marble backsplashes around the black cooking area and you can have a uniquely interesting space to practice your crockery. Add golden hardware around this whole thing and you get a winning combination that you will want to show off to the whole world.

If you struggle with the amount of counter space in your smaller kitchen, you might be able to fit a kitchen island in and improve your kitchen utility. A white cabinet kitchen island also helps by adding some storage so that you can maximize the space you have and have a stylish kitchen. Should you need a free consultation, book an appointment online. You can also visit our Facebook Page to get to know us more!

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