How to Remodel a Shower on a Budget?

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Thinking about a new shower to replace your aging one can also make you face the facts of your shower remodeling budget. It may feel like a budget shower remodel could be a real challenge, but it is actually an opportunity to use your creativity and problem solving skills.

If you are scratching your head and wondering how to remodel a shower on a budget, you are not alone. Tons of people wonder about remodeling showers on a budget and many of them also find some incredible shower remodel ideas.

In this article our experts will share with you the best tips for shower remodeling on a budget to make your goals possible. We have helped countless people with shower remodels on a budget, and with this article we will help you too.

Figure Out Your Budget

Budgeting for shower remodel

One of the first steps of doing a budget shower remodel is to find out exactly how much money you have to work with. You can add up your savings and decide how much you are comfortable spending to make your shower better. 

Remember that you probably want to have a little bit more money available than you actually want to spend, just in case an emergency comes up or something changes. Getting half way through your shower remodel and realizing your are out of money could be a real disaster with long term consequences.

It is always better to pay with cash for a bathroom remodel, but in some cases using credit might be an option for you. It is best to have a talk with your financial advisor to see what they think you can afford and trust their advice.

Consider Your Old Shower

Shower head pouring water

Now you need to get to work measuring your old shower to see how big of a job you have on your hands. This will help you determine if you can install a prefabricated shower stall or if you will need to do a more customized job.

You also need to plan to remove your old shower, which can cost some money to have done, but it is also something you can do yourself to save that cash. The bigger your shower is, the more it will cost to have it demolished and hauled away.

There might also be elements of your old shower that could be reused in your new remodeled shower. Inspect each part of the shower and see what is worth saving, such as:

  • The shower head could be good with some cleaning.
  • The handles to turn on the water might need just a cleaning to be usable.
  • If you are careful, you can remove tiles and reuse them, even just as accents.
  • Grab bars can be reused if they are still strong.

Refurbishing Your Old Shower

If your inspection shows that a lot of your old shower is still in working condition, you might consider a shower remodel cost effective refurbishment. This could mean things like stripping layers of grime from walls and fixtures to make them appear new again.

At a certain point though, it is just time to give up on your old shower and start brand new. In many cases you just can’t teach an old shower to be a new shower without spending a whole lot of money.

Walk- In Showers And Budgets

Elegant bathroom with walk-in shower, tub, and vanity

It seems that each and every shower remodeler out there wants to upgrade to a full walk in shower. The thing about that is that a walk in shower is the most expensive type of shower remodel out there. Same with bathroom renovation ideas

Walk-in showers take more work from tilers and other tradesmen, so their price just creeps up to being pretty expensive. There is also the fact that you pay for more materials which can be pretty expensive in today’s economy.

Building a walk in shower is not an easy task, so you need to be prepared to spend a good amount on having one built. This puts a walk in shower out of the budget for a lot of folks who are eager to get their shower remodeled. 

Pre- Fabricated Shower Stalls

Glass enclosed shower on white tiles surround

A pre- fabricated shower stall is one of the most affordable options for a budget shower remodel. They come in different sizes to fit your space, with smaller stalls being cheaper, and larger stalls coming with a bigger price.

There are also some options about shower layout, like including shower niches or even a shower bench. A pre- fabricated shower stall can be set up pretty fast and they are highly unlikely to have any problems with leaks.

You can find a good-quality shower stall made from acrylic or fiberglass starting at $150, so it is an option that most people can afford. The labor costs of a pre- fabricated shower stall will be lower as they can go in fast without too much special labor involved.

Shower Fixtures

Square shower head

Your shower heads and water handles are some place you might be able to let your creativity run wild. One great shower renovation idea for finding fixtures is to look at second hand stores where you could find some amazing pieces at low prices.

If a shower head is in working condition, it can be used for a long time so there is not too much concern with buying a used one. You can check to see that no part of the shower head is corroded, and if it is free of corrosion it should be good to go.

Shower water handles are something that almost never really wears out, so if you find one that looks good you can choose it. These are great options for adding some personality to your shower remodel that a high-priced remodel might miss out on.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Remodel A Shower?

Beige bathroom with toilet, shower, and vanity

A pre- fabricated shower stall is definitely the cheapest way to remodel a shower. The materials are cheaper and the labor to install is cheaper and of course only hire the best remodeling company.

The national average for a shower remodel is about $3,200, but you can go a lot lower than that when you choose a good quality pre- fabricated shower stall. They can look just as good as a more expensive shower too, so you don’t need to sacrifice beauty.

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