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At some point everyone needs to think about doing a shower remodeling project to get a better bathing experience at home. You might be considering a shower renovation if your shower is looking old, or if your lifestyle and family dynamics have changed.

Finding the right shower remodeling ideas makes starting and completing your project easier and more rewarding. Doing a shower remodel is a task to take seriously and you need to find some great shower remodel ideas to ensure your project turns out amazing.

For this article, we have tapped the minds of our shower remodeling experts to bring you their latest bathroom remodeling ideas that will please the whole family. These shower renovation ideas are sure to be a hit with your family and make your lives much more enjoyable.

Stand Up Shower Ideas

shower remodeling with white vanity, toilet

It is pretty widely agreed that a stand up shower is the best idea for new families and will be the best option through all stages of growing up. Stand up showers are easier for you to use with your kids when they are tiny, and they will prefer a stand up shower when they start bathing on their own as well. 

For stand up showers, you can go in two directions:

  • Prefabricated stand up shower ideas
  • Tiled walk in shower ideas

For a prefabricated shower, you will have a plastic enclosure that you might be able to make a few customizations to, but pretty much come in one style, shape and size. These are good basic showers that will save you some money on your budget as well, same as saving in doing kitchen remodel cost.

For a tiled walk in shower, you can make a lot of customizations to fit your families needs. Tiled showers can be built in any way that you want and you have lots of options for different types of tiles that you could choose to have in your shower. 

Install The Storage You Need

White shower with niche

When you have a family, you could have a lot of bathroom items that you will need to keep somewhere. Shower niches are a great idea to add some storage on the inside of showers, then you can also think about having towel racks and hooks on the outside of your shower enclosure.

Niches are great for storing all of your soaps and shampoos that you need all of the time in the shower. Niches also have an attractive appearance that adds a little something special to your shower that you will appreciate whether you are in the shower or just in the bathroom ideas.

Thinking about places to put all of your family’s towels after a shower is important too. You can choose a shower enclosure with some extra towel hooks that will give you and your entire family a place to put their towel so that it can dry out.

Anti- Slip Flooring

Shower with bench and anti-slip flooring

Something that is always important, but that takes on a little extra weight when you have people of different ages in your home, is a safe shower flooring. You can choose a flooring that has anti slip features to ensure that everyone will be safe in the shower.

There are types of flooring tiles that have non-slip surfaces to keep your family safe. They look just like regular tiles but there are subtle grooves that keep your feet under you no matter how wet and slippery the shower floor gets.

You can always add more anti-slip protection after with shower mats, but they usually don’t look as nice as the built in type. Keeping the shower floor clean is also part of keeping it safe to use, but when you have a good anti-slip floor you will be better protected from accidents. 

Make Your Shower Height Appropriate

Bathroom with brown vanity, tub and shower

You need to remember that when your little ones are learning to use the shower, you should make it easy for them to reach everything they need like the faucet handles and the storage areas. But you also need to consider that keeping things out of reach when children are small can help prevent unfortunate accidents.

You can work with your shower remodeler to choose the right heights in your shower that will be friendly for the entire family to use. It takes some balancing between making things appropriate for adults, but also making them the right height for children.

It is better to err on the height that is right for adults, because before you know it your kids will probably be just as big as you. You could work on having adjustable heights if you need to be more flexible in your planning.

Glass Shower Enclosure, Or Not?

Elegant bathroom with floating vanities, and shower with glass enclosure

A glass shower enclosure is a luxury shower idea that is hard for adults to resist, but is it the right option for children? Kids might have more trouble recognizing a glass shower enclosure and could run into it and break it if they are not being careful.

If you are looking for master bathroom remodel ideas that will mostly be used by the grown-ups, then a glass shower enclosure is a perfect choice. But if it is a family bathroom then you need to judge if your kids can handle the responsibility of a fragile shower door.

Shower enclosures are made of tempered glass, so they shatter into more dull pieces that won’t injure children easily, but there is still a considerable cost to replace them. Choosing a glass shower enclosure for your children probably means more time explaining that the shower is not a toy and needs to be treated gently.

Ease Of Cleaning

Shower room with tub and vanity

When you are raising a family, you might not have time to scrub your tile shower’s grout with the care it will need. This is something you should consider when planning a family friendly shower.

If you don’t imagine that you can add tile and grout cleaning to your monthly to-do list, you might consider an easier shower material like plastic. All you have to do with a plastic shower stall is spray a shower cleaner and then wipe it down.

If you want a middle ground, large format tiles with small grout lines will give you less grout to clean and a beautiful look. Large format tiles are trendy right now and make any shower more elegant.

If you want to know the cost to your shower remodeling or consultation from professional remodeling contractors , then call our office today or visit us on Facebook anytime for a free quote!

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