Top 6 Trends of Bathroom Remodeling in Stafford VA

Top 6 Trends of Bathroom Remodeling in Stafford VA
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A bathroom renovation might as well be one of the biggest investments you can make for your home but it’s obviously a decision that you need to think heavily of. For starters, a bathroom renovation is expensive. Another reason is that this is a major change to your home that’s supposed to last it for a really long time.

In most cases, contractors will tell you about what you can and should change for your bathroom remodel. However, there are cases wherein you’ll be free to choose the changes that are to be made for your home. If this is your case, it’s only appropriate that you know what you’re supposed to be getting for your bathroom remodel.

If you live in Stafford VA, then there are a few trends that you might want to take note of. These bathroom remodeling trends in Stafford VA are popular for a reason and that’s because they take style and functionality in consideration. If you’re having a little bit of a block when it comes to picking your next remodeling change, then this might be the best way to do so.

Is it a bad idea to go and copy the bathroom remodeling trends of others? In all honesty, following these bathroom remodeling Stafford VA trends is one of the best decisions you can make. You greatly reduce your chances of being dissatisfied with the changes but most importantly, you are getting quality service for your home as well.

There are many trends in the bathroom renovation industry but these six are the most popular ones. Be it for their aesthetic value or functionality, these renovations have been the favorite of not just homeowners, but also the best remodeling contractor in Stafford, VA that work to ensure that the job gets done. Here’s what those six trends in the industry are.

Stone Countertops For Bathrooms

When people think of countertops, they immediately think of a kitchen and that’s not very surprising though. Countertops have always been highlighted as a part of the kitchen but fabricators have since helped in launching the standard countertop into popularity inside bathrooms. What kind of countertops should you get for your bathroom?

Most bathroom contractors in Stafford VA, will recommend that you get stone countertops. These include stones like marble, granite, quartz, and many others. While these are more expensive than your usual countertop, they are still worth getting because the value of such countertops actually increases over time so what you have now will be even more expensive in the future.

Since the bathroom countertop is small, you aren’t going to spend an excessive amount on the stone itself. Bathroom countertops can be used for various purposes but they are mostly used as a surface where you can place your toiletries and personal belongings on. Of course, they also help your bathroom become more beautiful and valuable.

More Windows

When it comes to windows, more people are installing more of these inside their bathrooms. It helps the natural light get into the bathroom, thus allowing people to no longer have the need for artificial lighting. Moreover, natural light can make your bathroom look a lot bigger which is why this trend is perfect for people with smaller bathrooms inside their house.

Aside from natural lighting, more windows also helps with the ventilation of the bathroom. If you love taking hot showers, you know just how stuffy it can feel to not have any windows inside the bathroom. By opening up the small room for more windows, you make the room a lot cooler as well. It’s a good replacement for ventilation shafts.

We get that you might be worried about privacy but there are many techniques and tricks that contractors do to ensure that your bathroom stays safe from prying eyes. You don’t need to worry about peeping toms even if you have a lot of windows because these techniques that contractors can apply will protect you from the outside world well.

Installing Large Mirrors

People are spending more and more time making themselves look pretty or handsome to others. Most of that time, we spend it on the bathroom as we brush ourselves up before going outside. Instead of small vanity mirrors, one of the latest bathroom designs Stafford VA has to offer is getting large mirrors installed in the bathroom itself.

Just how large are the mirrors exactly? Believe it or not, most homeowners install bathroom mirrors that are usually as big as the walls themselves. This makes the bathroom look and feel like a walk-in closet, thus allowing you to prep yourself even better. It’s a good addition to your home that’s not only stylish, but is also functional.

If you do plan on getting large mirrors for your bathroom, keep in mind that it can be tough to maintain such a large mirror inside the bathroom. It can get tough to clean it but with the right cleaning agents and equipment, you can easily clean your bathroom mirrors without any worry. Just make sure you prepare for maintenance for it though.

A Place For Tech

People spend a surprising amount of time in the bathroom and that’s not just because they’re doing the usual things we do inside. Thanks to mobile devices and the internet, the bathroom has become a safe haven for many people and it has become quite the place to enjoy your time in as well. That being said, another one of the bathroom remodel trends in Stafford VA is making the bathroom more tech accessible.

By these, we mean adding sockets for charges so that people are able to charge their devices as they spend time in the bathroom. Some people even go as far as installing surfaces where they can place smart speakers in so that they can play some music while they are enjoying the bathtub. This type of renovation is all about making yourself feel more comfortable inside the bathroom.

Making your bathroom more tech friendly can be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. People don’t think that adding these additions are practical but honestly, a lot of homeowners will beg to differ. It makes their bathroom simply more pleasing and even as close as to becoming a safe haven once it becomes tech friendly.

Connection To Closet

What do you do after taking a good shower? You head to your closet and dress up of course. In most cases, it can be quite uncomfortable to run from one room to the other just to get changed but this one trend can do away with that trouble. Of course, we are referring to connecting your room to your walk-in closet if you have one.

Surprisingly, more and more people are having walk-in closets installed in their houses and we’re not surprised that this is one of the trends in the industry currently. Walk-in closets used to be something that the rich have but that doesn’t mean regular homes shouldn’t have these as well. In fact, contractors do their best to ensure that people have the best walk-in closets in their home.

It would be a good idea to connect your bathroom with your walk-in closet via renovation. This can make prepping for your night out of town a lot easier and a lot more comfortable as well. It can also help you save up on the space inside your home so make sure to consider this thing as well when getting renovation done.

Black Is The New White

When people think of bathrooms, they immediately think of the color white but this doesn’t always have to be the case. In fact, a new trend in bathroom renovations is turning your bathroom into any shade of color you want. The most common of which though is black.

Black can complement bathrooms well and they can make bathrooms look very beautiful. It can give your bathroom and home the personality it needs to standout with the neighbors to make sure to consider geting these as well as it can make things a lot easier for you.

These are currently some of the top trends in bathroom remodel trends in Stafford VA. If you want to change your bathroom into something new and magical. It’s a big investment after all so it’s only a must that you get something that’s going to be good for your bathroom and your home in general. Remember, there’s a reason why this is popular across many homes worldwide.

Getting these bathroom renovation ideas done on your home is going to be one of the best things you can spend money on. What are you waiting for? Call contractors in Stafford, VA and begin shaping your home into something that you’ll be more than proud of showing to your friends and family. It’s going to be a worthwhile investment.

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