5 Best Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Renovate Your Kitchen

5 Best Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Renovate Your Kitchen with white cabinets
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Have you wondered when the best time to renovate your kitchen and bath is? Well, it is the season between winter and summer. Yes, that’s right! Springtime is the best time to renovate. 

Remember that there is no “bad” time for kitchen remodeling. However, various things happen during springtime that make the project run comparatively placidly. 

In this article, we will explore the reasons that make spring the best time for a kitchen remodel. 

It provides perfect weather

L Type kitchen with white shaker cabinets and black countertops

Weather is one of the factors that affect home renovation projects. Oftentimes, it limits the delivery of the materials and lessens the contractor’s ability to travel to your home. In milder weather like spring, there is likely less downtime to finish your kitchen project. 

In addition, warmer weather gives a different energy that allows you to spark your creativity and motivation. Channel this energy into your renovation projects that will help you come up with the best kitchen renovation ideas.

There are fewer people in the house

Unique shape kitchen with curved countertop on island

It is essential to have less foot traffic in and out of your home during a kitchen remodeling service. This makes the construction process seamless. This is needed for the renovation of kitchen cabinets where there’ll be much space for professionals to work on this.

Undergoing kitchen cabinet renovation during Summer can be difficult since kids are home and vacation is in full swing. It is a busy season for many families. On the contrary, completing your kitchen renovation during the springtime helps you to prepare for the busy summer months and when kids are preoccupied with schoolwork, so you don’t worry about them getting in the way of the renovation.

Spring Sales are around the corner

L Type kitchen with white shaker cabinets

Renovating your home can be costly. So, you’ll need to save as much money as you can to finish your project. Fortunately, many hardware and appliance stores run sales during the spring. This is because many people are taking on warmer weather projects. Therefore, take advantage of this spring sale to help you complete your renovation without breaking the bank. It could be the best time for you to check those granite countertops

Tax Return

Along with the springtime sales, spring is also everyone’s favorite time. This is also the tax return season. You don’t only get to save from the sales, you’ll also have an extra budget for your kitchen renovation project.

Besides, you can also ask the contractor if they have in-house financing options for customers wanting to remodel their kitchen and bath. Many remodeling companies offer that, and it helps clients get funding for their home remodeling projects.

You’ll have extra daylight hours

White shaker cabinets on kitchen

Daylight Savings Time typically occurs during spring. This means you’ll have more extra hours during the day. So, make use of this extra time to your benefit to start and finish your project.

Having natural light for your people while they’re working is more beneficial. You get to save on utilities while letting the color of materials and products show under natural light. This helps designers accurately tell the style and color of a material to be used for your kitchen. Make sure you check every kitchen cabinet color idea for spring time for this one. 

Increases Home’s Resale value

Spacious kitchen with gray shaker cabinets

Did you know that spring and summer are the popular times for home selling and buying of the year? If you are planning to sell your home shortly, reinventing your home will make an excellent investment. A renovated kitchen is one of the must-haves on many future buyer’s checklists. So, undertaking kitchen renovation can significantly add to your home’s resale value. 

Now, if you have carefully considered and are open to a small kitchen remodeling idea for spring, but don’t know where to start. Leaning on professionals is your best option. They know how and what to improve on your kitchen so that it increases resale value and the chance of getting sold.

Kitchen Renovation Steps

L Type kitchen with white shaker cabinets

Gather ideas

This is the very first step yet the important one when you decide to revamp your kitchen. You have to decide what style or design you want for your dream space. Get some inspiration by browsing on different online platforms like Pinterest, or going to home improvement sites. 

Gathering ideas will help you view different ranges of layouts and designs that will make you find the right fixtures, textures, and materials for your kitchen. Don’t forget to include in your design how you will use your kitchen and whether you will change the footprint of your kitchen or stick to the existing one. Check more of the top trends in kitchen remodeling to find what you think would suit best to your kitchen. 

Set a Budget and Create Desired Timeline

After settling on what you want for your dream kitchen, it’s time to determine the amount you are willing to spend for your remodel project. Conduct some research to come up with a general idea about the average cost of kitchen remodels. Determining your budget can be difficult, however, it is best to establish a budget ceiling so you’ll know how far you will go in your renovation. 

Aside from your budget, create a timeline for how long your kitchen remodels will take. This timeline is greatly affected by the size of your kitchen, the scope of the work, and the contractors you will be working with. Estimated, a kitchen remodel can take you at least two months.

Seek help from the professionals

Sometimes, it can be tempting to do your kitchen remodel. However, this can cost you more compared to hiring professionals. Calling in the pros will guarantee you an effortless kitchen renovation. What you can do is do research about different contractors, visit big-box stores and showrooms and lastly, ask for referrals from your friends. 

An important rule of thumb is to gather at least three different estimates which include the timetable of completion. Talk to each prospective remodeling company to discuss every aspect of your kitchen remodel. 

Once you have selected a contractor to help you with your kitchen remodel project, make sure to write down a contract that includes the outline of the scope of the work and payment schedules. Most contractors ask for a 10 percent upfront payment, 25 percent at three-stage intervals throughout the project, and the last 15 percent upon project completion. Remember to ask questions before signing an agreement. 

Get ready to start your renovation

After the design is finalized and approved, now it’s time for demolition day! A few homeowners will opt to leave their houses once the demolition starts, but some will choose to stay in their houses. If you choose to do so, here are the things you need to plan:

  • Put up a temporary kitchen in another room. 
  • Bring only the essential appliances for your cooking needs. 
  • Use a mini-fridge to store your food. 
  • Opt for paper plastic, plastic silverware, and cups. 

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