Tuscan Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Are Worth Your Time and Money

Tuscan Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Are Worth Your Time and Money
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Who wouldn’t want to have the artistic and elegant feel of Tuscany in their kitchen and bath? What if we tell you, that this is possible, would you be interested? Today, we’re going to share with you Tuscan kitchen remodeling ideas that’ll aspire you to have one.

What are Tuscan-style kitchens?

This kitchen style is known for having classic elegant designs. Intricate details on cabinetry, countertops, and accessories, you can expect them for a Tuscan kitchen. Below are some of the highlights of Tuscan kitchen remodeling

  • Attention-grabbing details and accessories
  • Stained wood cabinets
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Stone arches
  • Area rugs and carpets

In the next section, let’s go over some details on remodeling a Tuscan kitchen

Is it worthwhile to do Tuscan Kitchen remodeling?

It’s never cheap to renovate your kitchen, and it’s truly understandable. Finding the right kitchen remodeling service is essential in this regard. So far, the average cost to remodel your kitchen is between $21,000 to $30,000. This is a budget kitchen renovation where there is no relocation of plumbing and electrical fixtures. 

If you go mid-quality kitchen remodel, that costs around $30,000 to $50,000. For this level, you can have new cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and accessories. The extent of the project depends on what you want to upgrade in your kitchen.

A high-end kitchen remodel is around $60,000 and higher. For this, there can be moving of your sink, dishwasher, and gas pipelines. High-quality cabinets and countertops can also be included in your kitchen project.

These estimates are similar to having your Tuscan kitchen remodeled. All the changes you’ll do is worthwhile since it improves the beauty and function of the heart of your home. And if you’re planning of listing your house for sale, these improvements can increase the resale value and saleability of your property.

The approximate add-on value of these improvements is around 40 to 50 percent of your total kitchen renovation cost. That’s a good deal for anyone trying to sell their house at a higher price. But still, you need to consult a designer and real estate agent to get professional advice on what designs works best in the market. You can look at some of kitchen remodeling before and after photos if you want some more inspiration. 

How to do Tuscan Kitchen Remodeling?

You can find hundreds of kitchen ideas remodeling for your Tuscan kitchen. Let’s cover some of them below:

Chandeliers and hanging pendant lights 

A Tuscan kitchen is known to have abundant lighting. That said, you can install a chandelier on your dining table, or a hanging pendant light on your kitchen island. Choose those with industrial or antique-design lighting to have a dramatic look.

Abundant lighting improves the openness of your kitchen. This is one factor you need to consider if you want a contemporary Tuscan kitchen.

Dark stained wood cabinets

To make it look classic and cozy, using dark stained wood cabinets is part of a Tuscan kitchen. This invites warmth to your home. For modern kitchen remodeling ideas, you can use light-toned finishes for your bar pulls or knobs. 

Walnut is one of the best materials you can use for your kitchen cabinets and chairs. You can use the same wood and finish for kitchen island base cabinets and chairs. To make a nice contrast, your walls must have a neutral tone so that your dark-stained wood easily pops out from the background.

Don’t forget mosaic tiles for your Tuscan Kitchen

Mosaic tiles can bring life back to your outdated kitchen. As for Tuscan kitchens, it adds the intricate designs it needs for the backsplash and walls. There are times homeowners misuse the beauty of mosaic tiles by fusing different patterns that create a busy ambiance. Avoid this and only choose one tile design for your backsplash and walls.

Glossy Marble or Quartz Countertops 

To add a contemporary feel to your Tuscan kitchen, installing a glossy finish white marble or quartz countertop is ideal. This is adapted to most kitchen ideas for remodeling outdated homes. 

It could also be that the color and patterns of your kitchen island can be the same as your kitchen walls. And then, for your backsplash, you will have that mosaic tiles for intricate style.

White countertops marry well with your antique-looking chandeliers and hanging pendant lights. As for the materials for your kitchen island, we have a collection for you to choose from. We’ll help you find the right one for your kitchen.

Rustic Maple Floor

Besides your kitchen cabinets, you can use maple or mahogany for your flooring. This complements your stained walnut cabinets. This and your cabinets provide the rustic finish your need for your Tuscan kitchen remodel. 

Other ideas for remodeling the kitchen to have that Tuscanian feel include using chairs or range hoods that are made of cast iron. This and your maple flooring creates that Renaissance feels you need for your kitchen makeover. If you have enough budget for kitchen remodeling following a rustic maple floor design, it would be ideal. 

Naked wood beams and matte finish floor tiles

Exposing those wood beams on your ceiling is also good for this kitchen to remodel. Besides hardwood flooring, you can also use matte finish tiles. Either of these two materials supports your Tuscanian dream kitchen.

For new kitchen remodeling ideas, we can include modern accessories for your kitchen redo. Some of these include modern appliances, glossy finish fixtures, and white tiles for your walls. Having more windows and lighting is also a smart way of making your kitchen feel cleaner and more refreshing.

Matte Finish Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are also an in-demand material for this kitchen style. It marries with your mosaic tile backsplash and stained wood cabinets. The stainless steel finish of your range gives an industrial chic touch to your kitchen.

Glass-front Wall Cabinets

We can also install this in your kitchen so that you can showcase your ceramic wares and expensive glass bottles. This adds a sophisticated feeling to your Tuscan kitchen. Also, it creates more openness and an airy ambiance perfect for modern kitchens.

Dark Oak Cabinets

Some people find Tuscan-inspired kitchens to be casual. But you can add a twist and more elegance to that by using dark oak wood for your cabinets. This creates a classy feel while working well with your glossy finish stone countertops. It breaks the casual ambiance most people think about Tuscan-style kitchens.

Free Complimentary Consultation

How are the ideas going so far? Do you like them? Do you find Tuscan kitchen worthwhile for your investment? If you still have questions, feel free to book a complimentary consultation with us. We’re more than happy to answer your questions about kitchen remodeling and help you get a free design for your dream kitchen.

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