9 Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Annapolis MD

9 Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Annapolis MD
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Whether you have just bought a new home in the Annapolis area or you have been in your house for a long time, one of the top priorities on your home improvement list is probably kitchen remodeling. Either it has been too long since your last kitchen remodeling and your tastes and styles have changed, or you are living with a kitchen that you did not create yourself and you have a lot of kitchen renovation ideas that you want to implement.

It seems like people all over are doing some kitchen remodeling, and there are so many great kitchen designs in Annapolis MD right now that it is hard to resist trying some of your own remodeling kitchen ideas. Look around and you are sure to see some great kitchen remodel ideas in Annapolis MD that will make you want to get your kitchen remodeling project started as quickly as possible.

In this article we will present our nine favorite modern kitchen remodeling ideas in Annapolis MD that will give you plenty of ideas to create the kitchen of your dreams. This post will give you plenty of things to discuss with your kitchen remodeling service so that you can work together to make your kitchen as amazing as it can be.

Black Cabinets and Stainless Steel

Black kitchen cabinets and stainless countertop

This is an industrial, modern kitchen remodeling look that is going against the traditional light colored kitchen with amazing results. The stainless steel appliances and countertops perfectly balance the black cabinets to create a professional but still comfortable kitchen.

It helps to have some big windows and maybe even skylights to help bring in more light during the day. You will also want to make sure you have top-notch lighting installed so that the kitchen won’t feel dreary.

Mottled Stone wIth Showcase Glass Front Cabinets

Center island with front glass cabinets

A wonderful kitchen remodeling idea is to have the top cabinet that touches the ceiling a glass front cabinet to display a ceramic or glass artwork. This is a really beautiful look with mottled stone countertops and stainless steel appliances.

The very tops of the cabinets are difficult for most people to use, but using that space to display some creative pieces is a smart and beautiful way to do something with it. Go to a local arts show and find a sculptor who you love and bring home some pieces and then show your kitchen remodeling service team so that they can incorporate the art with the design of your kitchen.

Colonial Cabinets with Large Island

Traditional style kitchen with beige cabinets and wood flooring

Honoring the region’s history as one of the first places Europeans settled is always popular in Annapolis and colonial-style cabinets with an oversized kitchen island is a great look for this year. The large island gives a lot of extra food preparation space as well as being a great place to have a meal.

A large island is a great place to keep a few house plants. These will give your modern kitchen a calming effect and you will enjoy looking at the plants and caring for them. For more kitchen ideas, USA Cabinet Store offers some stylish kitchen cabinets in Annapolis MD.

Smokey Cabinets with Blue Backsplash

Smokey Cabinets with Blue Backsplash

This trendy modern kitchen remodeling look goes great with energy efficient, stainless steel appliances. You might consider adding some touches of red from your decorations to make sure that the kitchen doesn’t look too cold.

You will want to always be keeping a bouquet of flowers or some house plants in the kitchen to liven up the space and keep it feeling warm. These colors are really great, but it is important to balance them with something lively and exciting or they can feel icy.

Stone Grey Countertops with a Two Tier Peninsula

Stone Grey Countertops with a Two Tier Peninsula

A two tier peninsula gives you a lot of extra counter space as well as a luxurious dedicated bar for meals. Using a grey and white granite, marble or quartz for the countertops really ties a kitchen together and adds a little extra elegance to your kitchen remodeling.

With this layout you will have plenty of space to keep some house plants in the kitchen. Green is a great color and you can pick some plants before your remodel that you can then use to base your color scheme off of.

Light Upper Cabinets and Dark Lower Cabinets

White Upper Cabinets and Gray Lower Cabinets

Multi colored kitchen cabinets are a great look right now and making the upper cabinets a white or light grey with the lower cabinets a dark grey creates a stratification in the kitchen that modern kitchen designers are falling in love with. Using different colored countertops for the kitchen island and the rest of the kitchen also ups the ante and makes your kitchen a modern dream.

Marble Range Hood Back

Marble Range Hood Back

Using a fine specimen of white marble with prominent natural veining behind a stainless steel range hood is a real showstopper modern kitchen look. Showing off the natural beauty of the stone behind your range hood makes the house seem more solid and timeless. Adding in some upper cabinets with acrylic grey fronts brings a shiny and beautiful element to the kitchen.

Black and White Countertops

Black and White Countertops

Going with contrasting colors for the countertops is a really modern and delicious look that homeowners in Annapolis are choosing and feeling a lot of pride about. This works really well with some basic, white shaker cabinets. Check this remodeling company for more kitchen remodeling ideas.

White Cabinets with Matte Black Pulls

White Cabinets with Matte Black Pulls

If you haven’t noticed yet, using white and black together is a huge hit this year for kitchen designs in Annapolis MD. Matte black for cabinet pulls look super deep against a white cabinet door and has a cool effect for the eyes.

You should also consider having some plants in the kitchen, which will bring in a feeling of calm that will help make meal preparation a joy. Be sure to talk to your kitchen remodeling service about how you can make space for plants in your kitchen design.

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