Timeless Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas For Remodeling

Timeless Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas For Remodeling
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Doing a farmhouse bathroom remodel is not that difficult. As long as you have a plan, and you searched for a few farmhouse bathroom ideas to aspire for. But not all designs are workable, so you can ask for a second opinion from a reliable kitchen and bath design center.

But we don’t want to break the joy in you, so here are some timeless farmhouse shower remodeling ideas you can consider.

Monochrome hue with minimalist theme 

Elegant bathroom design with shaker vanity, tub and toilet

You can choose any earthly palette for your farmhouse bathroom. But to make it modern with a minimalist approach, use a monochrome palette for your bathroom vanity and walls. You can pick a light-wood tone color for your cabinet door profile. The knobs or bar pulls can have a copper finish or black color.

You can have a farmhouse sink or a vessel sink on top of your white marble countertops. Overall, this gives your bathroom a combination of contemporary farmhouse feel. If you want to achieve a new bathroom look, make sure you spend time looking for a reliable bathroom remodeling service

Subtle Wood Accent

Wood accent bathroom with yellow lighting

Wood is the prime element for any farmhouse-style bathroom. To keep it having a modern feel with a touch of countryside, inserting a subtle wood accent would be great. 

You can insert a wood open shelf below your vanity mirror. This is where you can place your soap, scented sticks, or small ornamental plants for your vanity station. White marble countertops with undermount sinks combine well with your cartridge faucet with matte black finish. Wood doesn’t come cheap, and it could add to the total bathroom remodeling cost.

This is one of the classic farmhouse small bathroom remodeling ideas our customers adapted for their bathroom makeover. 

Intricate Patterns for Tile Floors

White bathroom with floating vanity and shower

Having intricate designs for your floor tiles is a trait of a farmhouse bathroom. This tile can be the same design as the one you’ll use for the wall accents. If you use that for your shower wall tiles, that would also be great.

Wide Vanity Mirrors with Black Metallic Borders

Farmhouse style bathroom with wood cabinets and brown countertops

Large vanity mirrors with black metal frames is a distinct trait of a farmhouse bathroom. This marries well gold pendant lights mounted on the wall. The latter creates a sense of elegance to your rustic bathroom.

As for the shape of the mirror, oval and rectangle are the two in-demand shapes for a rustic bathroom. 

Vertical White Shiplap Walls

Zoomed in vanity mirror

A white shiplap wall is a good element to consider for modern farmhouse bathroom ideas. But this one is installed vertically to make your bathroom look taller. Your vanity mirror with a matte black frame would seamlessly pop out from your white shiplap wall.

Black and white, or a dual-tone theme works well for contemporary rustic bathroom remodels. We can help you do this one for your home. You could see top bathroom remodeling trends following such amazing idea. 

Wall-Mount faucet

White bathroom with floating vanity, and tub

For modern homes, most homeowners want to maximize space utilization. That said, you can opt for a wall-mount faucet on your vanity sink. This saves you a lot of space in plumbing. As for its color, choose a matte black finish as it suits you well for rustic bathrooms.

Spa-Retreat Ambiance 

Spa-like bathroom

We can also help you make your farmhouse country bathroom ideas have a spa-oasis feel by adding accessories you can see in a spa. These include ornamental plants, scented candles, a bathtub wooden tray, and some hot tea on a small table beside your tub.

Farmhouse Bath Suite

Farmhouse bathroom style with tub, sink, and toilet

We can also make your rustic master bathroom have a luxurious feel by installing intricate accessories and materials for design and functionality. We can install a chandelier as your hanging light in your bathroom. Brass or gold finishes for all hardware and fixtures inside your bathroom.

For your freestanding tub, we can accentuate the legs to have intricate designs like in the Victorian Era. This is one of the best farmhouse master bathroom ideas we shared with our clients, and they love it.

Skyblue Shiplap Walls and Freestanding Wooden Vanity

Small bathroom with gray vanity, and toilet

Shiplap walls are one beautiful idea to have in your farmhouse bathroom. It pairs well with a freestanding wooden vanity with open shelving at the bottom. An oval shape undermount sink with matte black finish cartridge faucet would perfectly complete the picture.

You can also use a wooden ladder as your towel holder. Let this lean toward the wall right beside your vanity top. A rectangular mirror with white frame would seamlessly blend with your skyblue shiplap walls.

Freestanding white tub with white curtains hanging on top

Floating vanity, and tub

You can install a wooden beam above your top, and this is where you’ll hang your white curtain for privacy. A wide vanity mirror on the wall beside your tub would also be a good addition to this setup.

You can also have a rectangular wooden box to serve as a side table for your tub. You can place your bathing essentials and a hot cup of tea. 

White marble countertop and white shaker bathroom vanity

Small bathroom with vanity, and toilet

Having a white farmhouse bathroom is a classic timeless design you can have. We can help you think of many farmhouse bathroom remodel ideas using white countertops and bathroom cabinets.

Copper or bronze finish cartridge faucets marry with your white marble vanity top creating a luxurious rustic bathroom design. Maple wood flooring is a good contrast with your white bathroom vanity and countertop.

Wooden sliding bathroom door 

Sliding door in bathroom

Stained sliding door is also a good feature for your rustic bathroom. Old-looking vanity lights above the vanity mirror are a perfect combination for your farmhouse vanity corner. We can also install a wall-mount open shelving beside the mirror for storing your extra linens and bathing essentials.

Brick wall design

Brick wall design as backsplash

Brick wall surrounding your white tub is also a good idea. It creates a cozy warm ambiance of the countryside. You can also have a wooden tub tray to place your liquid soap and shampoo. A wall-recessed storage compartment would also be great for adding more storage on your tub.

Wooden chairs and ornamental plants

sink and tub in bathroom

Having wood accessories is necessary to get that cozy vibe in your bathroom. You can have wooden chairs, shower bench, side table near the tub, and a ladder for hanging your towels.

Adding ornamental plants on your vanity top or corner is also a trending addition to a homey bathroom. Choose those plants that don’t need so much sunlight, and that can withstand moisture. Some of these plants are fiddle-leaf fig and orchids.

Free Design Consultation

We hope you have a wonderful time getting these ideas for your farmhouse bathroom. Our team at OneStop Kitchen and Bath has the experience and technology to customize the design and layout of your bathroom. We’re going to ensure we marry functionality and aesthetics on your bathroom makeover.

We offer a complimentary consultation to help you plan the best bathroom design that works for you. Book an appointment today.

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