How To Design A Closet This 2022

Modern Walk-In Custom Closet Design To Consider Right Now!

Living in your dream home means customizing every part of your house. When we say *every* we aren’t kidding. People are quick to customize their countertops, their various rooms, and many others think that that’s already enough. However, if you really want to maximize your closet and the personality of your house, you need to begin checking out closet design trends as well.

Don’t sleep on the closet as it is one of the most important parts of the house. There are a ton of ways you can do closet design but people are too busy with other parts of the house to think about it. The first benefit to customizing your closet is that you get to create a closet that perfectly fits all of your clothes as it is customized.

Custom closet designs also help you add more personality and uniqueness to your home. People who want to really reinvigorate their home and their interior design need to think about changing up their closet to. It might even be the last thing they need to completely spruce up their home. This 2021, here are some of the most important trends when it comes to closet design.

Walk-In Closets Are In

Simple closets are long behind the trend. Of course, if your house doesn’t have the room for a walk-in closet, you can still go for the regular style closet. So long as it fits your need, why push for the walk-in closet? However, if you really want to maximize the space in your house, then you need to invest in a walk-in closet.

Simply put, a walk-in closet is a large room dedicated to your clothes and shoes. As the name suggests, it’s large enough to let you walk in it. If you have a ton of clothes in your possession, then it’s a must that you have a walk-in closet. Going for something smaller basically forces you to cramp all of your items on a single closet.

Walk-in closets became popular because of celebrities who have been doing the same thing. It’s always fun letting these celebrities showcase all of their clothes and designer shoes and bags in their walk-in closet. Even influencers are investing in walk-in closets too. If your home fits it, why go for anything smaller?

Keep in mind that walk-in closets are no laughing matter. They require a ton of space and a lot of serious planning. As such, make sure you have the right contractors if this is the closet design trend that you want followed in your home. It does take a lot of budget and time to get the job done too so make sure to plan things out. Now, let’s talk about walk-in closet design trends that are popular.

Mirror Walls Inside Walk-In Closets

What good is a walk-in closet if you can’t flaunt your stuff and see your outfit of the day?  Instead of having stand-up mirrors and large mirrors inside your room or closet, why not make one of the walls into a mirror instead? It will give you a larger room for you to check yourself out it. Thus allowing you to pick your outfit more properly.

More and more people are going with this closet design trend because not only does it make the room larger. It also serves a great function inside the closet. Having large mirrors is a must if you’re a fashionisa. Having one installed within your walk-in closet is just a great idea that you should really consider.

Make Separate Compartments For Clothing Items

Being organized is one of the latest home trends. It doesn’t matter if you pick a small closet design or a large one. What matters though is that you make sure that your closet is as organized as possible. How can you do this you ask? Well, it’s all a matter of adding the right compartments to your closet.

While your designer is making your closet, ask them to add compartments for shoes, clothes, bags, and your other pieces of clothing. This will make it easier for you to organize your belongings. Remember the last time you had a disorganized closet? It’s hard to find the clothes that you need exactly. 

Whether you’re going for a walk-in closet or a regular closet, becoming organized through compartments is an important thing to consider. The last thing you’d want is having to rummage through your clothes everytime you need to pick an outfit. Of course, organized closets are also trendy because they look great.

Hidden Closets

A common design trend that’s been taking over homes in the last couple of years are hidden custom closet designs.  This basically means creating a closet that’s not easily visible to the human eye. It should be a closet that only you know exists. It makes your room look larger and more neater too.

Having your closet seamlessly blend with the walls is a great way to incorporate minimalist style ideas for a modern home. A lot of contractors actually suggest this because it’s fairly easy to do. Aside from making your clothes organized properly, hidden closets also makes your house look much neater as well.

Fully Customized Closets

If you really want to add your own personality to your room, you can fully customize your closet. This means picking the materials for it, picking the size, the right colors, and even the shape of your closet. It’s a very common trend nowadays as people want to distinguish their belongings over others.

True enough, it’s ahrd to create a closet that’s completely unique from others. However, if you seek the right people for help, they can help you create a truly personalized custom closet that’s unlike any other.

There are many other closet design trends this 2021 but these ones are certainly at the top of every designer’s mind It’s more about simplicity and elegance so you have to pick between one of the two. If you are having trouble picking a style that suits your needs, it’s best to seek the help of a professional first.

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