Remodeling Your Bathroom With Open-Shelving Vanity Design

Remodeling Your Bathroom With Open-Shelving Vanity Design
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Every homeowner has their reason for the bathroom remodeling. One of the primary reasons is to transform their space into a more functional and ergonomically efficient one. This includes adding more storage space without negatively impacting its visual design. 

Open shelving is a great option when it comes to increasing storage space and accessibility in the bathroom. It is perfect for keeping the bathroom clean and a very good way to display accent pieces. You can always seek help from professional bathroom remodeling services for this matter. 

If you are still unsure about choosing open shelving bathroom remodeling, here are some advantages and disadvantages that will help you decide:

Is open shelving in my bathroom ideal? 

Small, modern bathroom with vanity, toilet, and shower

According to kitchen and bath remodeling companies, going for open shelving is best when you have a small space, or when you only have a few things to store inside your bathroom. But many homeowners are opting for this since they can customize the design and shape of their open shelving to match their bathroom countertops.

If you’re on a tight budget, having an open shelf will help you save more on material and labor. This also works well with your regular cabinets, so it’s a good complement to have in your bathroom.

Advantages of Open Shelving Bathroom

Small bathroom with vanity, toilet, tub, and small open closet

The bathroom is the most used place in the house. Therefore, it is important that everything in it is versatile and accessible. Here are some advantages of open shelving:

  • Limited Space

Adding large and closed cabinetry into your small bathroom can take away so much of your much-needed space. Yet, if you install open shelving, it allows you to store extra towels and other items. Open shelves will allow you to use every part of the space.  Therefore, this is considered as the best small bathroom remodeling tip you can take.

  • Fill in Gaps

Open shelving bathroom makes room for different designs and styles as you can add some books, candles, or other accent pieces that speak to your lifestyle. It helps fill in the gaps or empty spots that will create a feeling of completeness in your bathroom. 

Compared to open shelving, closed cabinets will generate a heavy feeling inside your space, it also offers less storage space. On the other hand, open shelving creates an illusion of a larger space, and it is airier.

  • It allows you to be creative

Aside from providing efficient storage space, open shelves are also great when you want to incorporate some of your decorations inside the bathroom. The prices of bathroom renovations are considerably high. So, being creative inside the bathroom may be an option, yet it adds to the visual appearance of your space.

You may add a display of decorative finds or small decorations that complements the overall design of your bathroom. Adding these will make your bathroom more livable and charming. 

  •  Cheaper Alternative

Budget has to be considered when it comes to bathroom remodeling.  Open shelving is an affordable alternative as the installation costs are cheaper than that of closed cabinetry. This way, you can improve the design and functionality of your bathroom without spending too much. You can always search for bathroom remodeling budget tips to achieve this. 

Disadvantages of Open Shelving Bathroom

White bathroom style with floating vanity and open closet

Just like other bathroom layouts, open shelving comes with disadvantages as well. Here are a few of them: 

  • Everything is visible

If you are a person who doesn’t enjoy arranging occasionally, then open shelving may not be a good option for you. Open shelving will expose everything, including the unpleasant-looking pieces of stuff, just like the cords of curling irons and blow dryers. 

  • Dampness will be an issue

One of the enemies of the stored items inside the bathroom is humidity. When it comes to open shelving, dampness will be an issue. When there is poor air circulation in your bathroom, excess moisture from showers can linger on the surfaces. This can lead to a bigger problem, such as mold growth. 

The items you store in open shelving are more exposed to moisture compared to closed storage. That is why it is advisable to incorporate closed storage with open shelving. 

  • It means more cleaning

As mentioned above, all stuff in open storage will be visible. This is why it requires more attention in cleaning your bathroom. Aside from arranging the items in the shelves, you also need to wipe water or dust off the shelves more frequently. This means a lot of cleaning, and dusting to keep your bathroom fresh and a healthy environment. Well, there are house cleaning tips and tricks you can use to make this chore a lot easier for you. 

Now you have read the advantages and disadvantages of open shelving, it is now time for you to make a decision. If you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then, here are some designs for you to add to your open shelving vanity: 

Open Shelving Vanity Designs

Small bathroom with tub, and open closet

Here are some examples of open shelving that you can incorporate into your vanity designs:

  1. Combine drawers, cabinets, and open shelving for a variety of bathroom storage options for your wooden vanity. 
  2. Concrete vanity with dual sinks, towel railing, and open shelving.
  3. Add open storage at the very bottom of your closed cabinetry. 
  4. Large shelves in the vanity for your towels, or basket of toiletries.
  5. Adding open shelving next to your bath and toilet gives a place for your extra towels, paper towels, and bath toys. 
  6. A vanity which contains drawers at the side and a wide open compartment on the other side. 
  7. Integrate into your floating vanity a small cubby for your candles, magazines, or extra hand towels.
  8. Another option for bathroom open shelving for towels is adding a niche shelving into the wall opposite the bathtub’s faucet. 
  9. Use open storage directly above your toilet.
  10. Freestanding shelving pieces next to your vanity. 
  11. Add open shelving below your floating vanity. 
  12. You can add multiple sinks and a second floating piece of wood for your open shelving, which will be placed directly above your vanity. 

Are you considering a bathroom remodeling open shelving?

Toilet with open closet

We understand how critical it is to have sufficient storage in your bathroom. It helps declutter space while adding elegance to your bathroom remodel. If you need help designing or renovating your bathroom, then you can call OneStop Kitchen and Bath. We are experts in this field, and our experience guarantees we can work around your needs and budget.

Other than cabinets and open shelves, we can help you install quality products for your bathroom makeover. They come from trusted brands in the industry like Fabuwood and Forevermark cabinets. All products have their own warranty service from their manufacturers.

Should you need a free quote or design consultation, call us at (540) 210-1100. Or, you can book an appointment online on our website, or visit us on Youtube!

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