Top Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas In Woodbridge VA

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Training your children on how to maintain their hygiene is a challenging task. You have to instill in them how important it is to keep your body fresh and clean. And having a kid-friendly bathroom design would help you ease this task.

So, are you planning on your kid-friendly bathroom remodeling in Woodbridge, VA? Then you’re in the right spot as we’re going to talk about it. We’re going to share the best tips and designs for the best bathroom design for your children.

Make all bathroom products friendly with children’s size

If you see all kid-friendly bathroom designs in Woodbridge, VA, you’d notice that all of them are customized to children’s height. That said, you need to reduce the height of your toilet and vanity for your kids. Instead of having the 12 inches standard toilet height, you can lower them for your kids’ convenience.

A standard vanity is 32 inches tall. If you want to make it easier for your children to reach, you have to lower them. Alternatively, you can put a step on your vanity so that they can reach them.

Single lever or touchless faucet

Washing of hands after using the toilet must be a habit of your children. If you see they’re having a hard time turning the faucet, then consider having a single-lever faucet. This makes it easier for your kids to turn on or off the faucet. Less stress on their hands.

If you have an extra budget, the sweeter option is to install a touchless faucet with automatic water temperature control. All your child needs to do is place their hands under the faucet. The sensor will detect their hands and allow water to flow out.

This is one of the trending kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas in Woodbridge, VA. You will learn more about them here in our blog. You can also get a free consultation from us.

Prevent slipping, install a non-slip bathroom floor

We’ve done many bathroom remodeling in Woodbridge, VA, and ensuring the safety of our clients is always top of mind. That said, slipping is a common accident inside the bathroom for children and seniors. To prevent that, we recommend our customers install a non-slip floor. This could be textured tile or rubber flooring.

We know that kids will always be active and adventurous, right? Keeping them safe inside the bathroom is a must. We can also help you choose and install textured vinyl tiles for your bathroom floors.

Grab bars for kid’s bathroom

There are three main areas where installing a grab bar is essential: shower area, tub, and toilet. This kid-friendly bathroom décor will keep your children safe from slipping since they can hold on to something when they are about to slip.

Here are some guidelines when it comes to installing your grab bars:

  • Install vertical grab bars near your shower door
  • If you install a horizontal bar handle, it must be 34 to 36 inches above the floor. For children, that can be lower so they can reach them.
  • You can also install a vertical grab bar near your faucet.
  • Horizontal grab bars near your tub are also ideal. It must be 30 inches above the floor.

Containers for their toothbrush and hygienic products

Placing a jar or box to hold their toothbrush and hygienic products on top of the vanity is also good. A small bathroom idea that is kid-friendly is great to have for your bathroom remodel.

You can also designate their drawer or hanging basket where they store their hygienic products. A separate mini pedestal sink would also be great. They have their vanity mirror to look into while brushing their teeth or combing their hair.

Creating a pull-out drawer with their names is also good. This helps you and your kids know where their things are kept. You can also tell them that you’ll be checking their drawers once a week, and give a small token to those who can keep it organized.

Put playful colors and decors

Kids will always be playful and loving. That said, you can pour some vibrant colors and designs into your kid’s bathroom. Know their likes and incorporate that into the design. Some kids love sea creatures like dolphins and sea horses placed inside their bathrooms.

These are just examples, and you can always ask your kids about their ideal bathroom design or color theme. For safety, we recommend neutral colors for the children’s bathroom. Proper lighting must also be observed to prevent accidents.

Big sinks and hooks

A child’s discipline is still developing, so expect towels on the floors. You can resolve that by telling them it’s not good, and by installing towel hooks, instead of a towel bar. It’s easier for children to hang their towels using a hook than a towel bar.

Another thing that you need to consider is having a large single sink rather than having two standard sinks. That’s because kids are still developing their handwashing skills, so it’ll be messy on the sink counter. Better have a large sink basin that’ll capture all those water, instead of letting them flood on the floor, which can cause slipping.

How to create a kid-friendly bathroom in Woodbridge, VA?

We want to hear your thoughts about the article. It would be great to hear some of your dream designs for your children’s bathroom. Comment down below.

Planning and implementing your child-friendly bathroom is challenging. But you can always ask for assistance from a seasoned contractor like OneStop Kitchen and Bath. We offer affordable bathroom remodeling services in Northern Virginia.

On our website, you can see tons of kid-friendly bathroom pictures in Woodbridge, VA. You can choose inspiration from there, and then we can modify them to fit your needs.

If you need a free quote proposal, you can request one here. You can also call our office phone number 540-210-1150 (Fredericksburg, VA).  

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