15 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

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Doing some bathroom remodeling can seem like a big challenge because you need to be able to fit a lot of things into your bathroom. Small bathroom remodelers can have an easier job if they take some time to learn some small bathroom ideas that help make the most of what you have to work with.

It is good to look at a small bathroom remodel as a chance to use your creative abilities, have fun with the process and you will probably be happy with the results. With the right remodeling ideas for a small bathroom, you can do a whole lot with a little space and create a job of redesigning a small bathroom.

For this article we have gotten the help of our expert small bathroom contractors and small bathroom remodelers to come up with fifteen wonderful ideas for remodeling a small bathroom. Use these ideas and redoing your small bathroom can be a joyous experience that will turn out beautiful.

Wall Mounted Toilet

Floating toilet

This is a great invention that puts the water tank of the toilet in the wall behind the toilet bowl. This will save you a few inches of floor space so that you can feel a little less crowded. 

A standard toilet leaves a bit of a dead space behind it where dust and other gross stuff tends to get trapped. That space is valuable in a small bathroom, and a wall mounted toilet lets you take advantage of it.

Inset Medicine Cabinet

Small bathroom with brown vanities and medicine cabinet

A normal medicine cabinet sticks out a few inches from the wall, but that is just too big if you want to make the most of your small bathroom. Installing an inset medicine cabinet is more work for sure, but the space saved will be a big help to the atmosphere of your small bathroom.

Having storage space is important in a bathroom, you can keep a lot of useful items in a medicine cabinet. With an inset medicine cabinet you can have all of the things you need and not take up too much space.

Barrierless Shower

Farmhouse style bathroom with wood vanity, shower and toilet

A pretty common idea in Europe and elsewhere, a shower with no door or anything to stop the water from splashing around is a great way to save some space. Of course, you will have to be more careful about keeping everything around the splash zone waterproof, but that might be worth it for the added space.

It could be good to choose a nice tile to do your shower and the entire bathroom. This should be a quality bathroom fixture so that it doesn’t just look like you are cheap.


Open window

If your bathroom is under the roof of the house, you may be able to add a skylight which is a great addition to a small bathroom remodel. They will let in some glorious natural light that will brighten up the bathroom and make you feel more happy.

There is nothing like waking up and hoping in a hot shower with the light of the sun in your eyes. You will be more alert during the day and it is good for your sleep cycle as well.

White Bathroom

White bathroom with double-sink vanity, tub and shower

One of the simplest and most common tricks to make a small bathroom seem bigger is to paint it all white. White reflects more light and makes a room look larger than it really is. 

You should also go with wihte for any bathroom cabinets to keep the atmosphere as light as possible. A white bathroom is a pretty classic look, and no one will look down on you for being boring.

Open Shelving

Floating vanity with open shelving

Instead of a big, bulky overhead bathroom cabinet, consider having some open shelving installed instead. You will be able to store a lot of those necessary bathroom ideas, without taking up so much visual space or stopping light from travelling.

You can even decorate the open shelving to add some of your personal touches to the space. Maybe consider having some plants for some fresh air and a lively feeling.

New Ventilation

Elegant bathroom with brown vanity, tub and shower

It can be easy for vapor and moisture to get trapped in a small bathroom, so having a modern ventilation system installed is a key to making your small bathroom comfortable. A new ventilation system will get all of that moist air and any unpleasant odors out of the bathroom and so you won’t have to worry about them.

Having good ventilation will also help things like bathroom fixtures and paint last longer in the bathroom. Wet environments are prone to mold growth and decay, so being able to get rid of that moisture with a good ventilation system will protect your investment. 

Behind The Door Towel Hangers

Brown vanity and toilet

Sometimes simple little tricks can make a whole lot of difference. Having a place to hang towels or other items behind the bathroom door will save some space and let those things dry out. 

You could even find a heated towel rack that will help your towels dry faster. That way they won’t get that mildew smell that can really take over a small bathroom.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sink on bathroom with toilet and tub

A pedestal sink looks very elegant but also takes up less space than a vanity. They don’t provide much in the way of storage though, so if you are lacking in that department in your small bathroom, you might consider other types of sinks.

There are hangers you can buy to add some storage under a pedestal sink, but that makes it more bulky and might just defeat the purpose of a pedestal sink for you. With small bathrooms, sometimes there are tradeoffs, and you must consider your needs when thinking of the right sink.

Large Format Marble Tiles

Bathroom with shower, tub, and toilet

When you choose to have large format tiles installed, they can actually make your small bathroom seem bigger. This might not seem obvious, but it is true, the bigger tiles make it seem like they are in a larger space.

Going with marble tiles is a really elegant look, but they come with a higher price tag. With a smaller bathroom you should be spending less just because you are using less materials, so maybe you can find some room in your budget for some luxurious marble tiles.

Enlarge A Window

Bathroom with grey vanity and tub

Hopefully your small bathroom has a window, that makes it so much better. In that case, see if you are able to make the window bigger to bring in more light and make the space feel a little bit bigger.

True you don’t want people looking in, so you should think of some proper blinds. The benefits of having a bigger window in a small bathroom are pretty outstanding, so you should consider this idea.

Behind The Mirror Lighting

Vanity with vessel sink and round mirror

A very cool look that adds some great light for getting ready for work or for bed, behind the mirror lights are a great bathroom renovation ideas for a small bathroom redo. You won’t cast a shadow with the lights behind the mirror, so you will be able to see your face clearly at all angles.

This also creates a little illusion like the mirror is floating on the wall. This is very cool and something that you and any guests will appreciate. 

In Toilet Bidet

White bathroom with tub and toilet

With the toilet paper shortages that happened because of the pandemic, many people started wondering about installing a bidet. In a tiny bathroom, you probably don’t have room to have a single purpose bidet, but you can get one that goes right inside of the toilet.

Bidets keep your intimate parts clean with water, instead of with paper. Some people think this is more hygenic and it is something you should consider for your bathroom.

Corner Sink

Bathroom with brown floating vanity with white cabinet doors and vessel sink

If you have a really tiny bathroom remodel to accomplish, a corner sink might be a great way to save some space. These extra small sinks fit right in a little corner of the bathroom that otherwise might just be dead space.

They won’t be as comfortable as a regular sized sink, but they look cute and they might be the only way to make a truly tiny bathroom work. This is a really interesting idea that you should consider if you are really in a crunch for space.

Custom Cabinets

Bathroom with toilet and vanity

Having a professional cabinet maker design, build and install bathroom cabinets as part of your small bathroom remodel is the best way to maximize your space. They will fit the cabinets to your bathroom with your storage needs in mind.

Custom bathroom cabinets will cost more, but they will last forever and they will ensure that you can fit everything you need into your small bathroom. You won’t just be buying a regular bathroom fixture, you will be buying a work of fine furniture that you will feel proud of.

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