Stunning Black Kitchen Remodeling Designs You Can Achieve

Stunning Black Kitchen Remodeling Designs You Can Achieve
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White is not the only one trending today. Black kitchen and bath designs are quickly catching up as well. You can see many modern homes incorporating black into their kitchens and bathrooms. With its sleek, modern, and dramatic look, black can tempt you all the way. In this article, we’re going to share with you the best black kitchen remodeling ideas!

Black granite countertops

Whether you want a matte or glossy finish for your black granite countertops, it’ll be great for your kitchen remodel. When you want a strong and modern look on your kitchen, you can never go wrong with black granite. However, make sure that you discuss this with your kitchen remodeling service expert first. 

You can have this countertop color for your matte black kitchen cabinets. There are those black granite slabs having speckles of white, gray, and gold. This slab looks great and gives your kitchen a luxurious vibe. 

Black wall-mount cabinets and white kitchen island

You can go for a dual tone kitchen remodel. Pair black with white, a classic choice, yet undeniably great to look at. For that matter, black kitchen cabinets ideas are better and pair it with chairs as well. And then, for your kitchen island and countertops, choose white to make a fantastic contrast.

Black cabinets and wooden kitchen island

Combine black and wood brown color, you get a rustic classic beauty for your black kitchen remodel. Black gives a cool modern ambiance while wood gives a rustic warm vibe to your kitchen. Therefore, you get a good balance of coolness and warmth in your kitchen.

As for your bar stools, you can go for wooden chairs with black leather seats. That would be a good compliment to your butcher block and black base cabinets.

Black shaker cabinets paired with brick wall

We can help you install black shaker cabinets with white lining on their boundary for a twist. And then, this goes well, your black shaker with a brick wall. The warmth rustic look of your brick walls, that’s a good partner with your cool black cabinets.

Install white marble or quartz countertops to contrast with your black base cabinets. This is one of the popular and trendy kitchen remodeling ideas you can try today.

Black kitchen with a farmhouse feel 

Who says we can’t combine black into your farmhouse kitchen? This idea is completely workable, and it looks great. You get to have a countryside feel with a touch of modernity from your black kitchen. 

To realize this, you can have black seats, cabinets, and hanging pendant lights. As for your farmhouse feel, go for a farmhouse sink, curtains on your window, wooden open shelving, and an area rug. You can look at some of the kitchen remodeling before and after photos showcasing farmhouse feel for this one. 

Scandinavian Black Kitchen Remodel

A Scandinavian kitchen is known for its homey and classic looks. We can add a twist to that by incorporating black to your kitchen remodeling ideas

Here are some of the things you can add to get your black kitchen design:

  • Black chairs
  • Kitchen appliances with black finish
  • Black Range hood
  • Black kitchen countertop

Here are the elements you need to have to still get that Scandinavian kitchen feel:

  • More natural lights coming in
  • Wooden accessories
  • White base cabinets
  • Plants
  • Area rugs

By doing these things, you get a mixture of two worlds harmoniously blending with each other. 

Geometric designs

When it comes to modern kitchen remodeling ideas, geometric designs will never go away. That said, we can install black and white tiles for your backsplash and flooring with geometric patterns. And then, a black glossy quartz for your countertops would be great with that backsplash.

White base kitchen cabinets with matte black bar pulls or knobs would look well for this theme. Our team can help you get a custom kitchen cabinet that fits your current layout.

Black wall-hung cabinets on white subway walls

White subway tiles are a timeless addition for most new kitchen remodeling ideas. To add some twist, we can have black wall-hung cabinets to make an excellent contrast. It can flawlessly pop out from the background.

We can place wooden open shelving besides your black cabinets to add warmth. You can place your wooden accessories or plants for decoration.

Industrial Black Kitchen Remodel

This is one of the amazing remodeling kitchen ideas we have done for our clients. Industrial black kitchen makeover is popular today since it looks clean, stylish, and modern. Black gives a classy and subtle feel for any modern home.

The stainless steel finish of kitchen appliances marry well with your slab-style black cabinets. A handleless cabinet would be a good idea as well for your modern industrial kitchen.

For your kitchen island, we can have light gray marble countertops and the black base cabinet. A stainless steel chair would go well with this kitchen island.

Black upper cabinets and coffee brown stone countertops

If you don’t like to have a butcher block, then you can pair brown stone countertops with your black upper cabinets. There’s a balance between earthly warmth and the coolness of black.

To make it more modern with classic beauty, white slab-style base cabinets are a perfect choice. This contrasts with your black wall-hung cabinets. Overall, you get an amazing black kitchen makeover.

Black and Red

Do you want a sexy and daring look on your kitchen remodel? You can go for black and red colors. Black for your base and upper cabinets. Wood for your kitchen island and then black for the base cabinets. For your bar stools, have those with red leather seats. And then, the red hanging pendant lights to complete the picture.

Black and Glass 

For your black kitchen remodel, glass is an excellent addition as well. If you have a glossy black slab kitchen cabinet, pairing that with a glass kitchen island would be great. You’ll see a marriage between glass and black for this scenario.

Black and Orange

You know what’s a great twist to your black kitchen? Orange cabinets with glossy finish. This marries well with your black countertops. Choose a chrome finish for your cabinet hardware. This complements the orange color of your cabinets.

Let’s Wrap Up

We want to hear your thoughts there! We hope we did help you find a fitting choice for your black kitchen makeover. Do you want more suggestions for your kitchen remodel? Feel free to contact us today! We give free consultations to help you plan and design your modern kitchen redo.

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