Top Timeless Bathroom Remodeling Designs To Go For

Top Timeless Bathroom Remodeling Designs To Go For
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A revamp of your bathroom is one of the best ways to improve the beauty and value of your home. But are you confused on what is the best bathroom remodeling design for you? Not to worry since we’re going to feature here the timeless bathroom design for this year.

Pick any of these design ideas and it’ll surely make your bathroom stand out! In case you have some questions, feel free to comment after reading the article.

White Bathroom Is Timeless

No matter where you go, white bathroom remodeling is the go-to choice of most homeowners and remodelers. Stark white or any shades of white is suitable for your bathroom to revamp. It helps make your bathroom look clean, cool, and spacious.

A classic bathroom design usually has white on any amenities and materials. It’s a versatile color that can fit contemporary or traditional bathrooms.

Dual Tone Bathroom

Picking two contrasting colors for your bathroom remodel is a classic choice. Some of the in-demand options are white and black, white and blue, light green and white, white and coffee brown, and gray and white. These are some trending colors for achieving a two tone bathroom remodel.

Geometric Tiles for Bathroom Flooring

Besides your vanity top and mirror, your bathroom floor is also an attractive element for your bathroom redo. To highlight your floor, you can opt for tiles with geometric patterns. This catches more attention than your standard bathroom floor tiles.

As for your walls, you can go for Travertine. This can give your space a vintage classy feel that is timeless and elegant. It will blend well with your wooden open shelving and bathroom cabinets.

Go for natural materials

The best bathroom remodeling will always have organic materials like ceramics, stone slabs, and wood. These materials look great when paired with metallic surfaces. Also, they bring natural warmth to your bathroom.

For bathroom countertops, the go-to choices of customers are marble, quartz, granite, and tiles. All these materials are easy to maintain and care for.

If you have open shelving, you can use wood for that. Then for the hanging lights inside your bathroom, you can use baskets to have an organic touch.

Use a neutral tile

Creative colors for your tiles are good. But as time goes by, these colors fade and they will look outdated. Then you’ll have to decide whether to repaint your tiles or replace them with new ones. To avoid that, you can go for neutral tiles. They can effortlessly blend with any other colors and accessories inside your bathroom.

Neutral tiles are the recommended choice when remodeling a bathroom since they won’t be obvious when they look old. You can choose white or off-white tiles for your bathroom floors.

You’re not obliged to tile everything inside, just tile your bathroom floor and shower floor. This is recommended for affordable bathroom remodeling.

Use a different texture instead of a different color

Most homeowners like to pair contrasting colors for their bathroom remodel. Picking the best color can be overwhelming, so why not choose one or two colors and just play with texture, right? This is great for an easy bathroom remodeling project while still getting the best design.

For instance, you can choose royal blue for your bathroom walls and floors. The wall will be a glossy smooth finish while the flooring will be a rough finish to avoid slipping. You can also choose a light blue color for the floor and then a darker one for the wall.

Play with texture to get an amazing outcome for your bathroom redo.

Go for subway tiles

Subway tile is a classic choice for bathroom makeovers. It is cheaper than glass or mosaic tiles, yet still gives the best look for your bathroom. It also has a versatile function that can fit with contemporary or traditional bathroom styles.

That means it depends on your creativity on how you can make the most out of your subway tiles for making your bathroom fabulous.

Freestanding tub

Whether you want a transitional bathroom layout or not, having a freestanding tub is practical. There’s no fuss about picking this amenity for your bathroom. You can also have an alcove white tub as a choice for freestanding.

After that, you can put accessories and fixtures that go along with your white tub and its surrounding areas.

Doorless walk-in shower

This is trending today since it’s practical, beautiful, and easy to maintain. You can use frosted glass for its divider or shower wall. If you want storage for your shampoo and body wash, we can have carved out a square hole on your shower wall.

Keep your plumbing to save cost

Moving your sink, tub, or shower can entail more cost on your plumbing. However, if this is inevitable and you have the budget for it, then no problem with that. But for those who like to save, then don’t change your current setup.

Plumbing is one of the most expensive things in any bathroom remodel. On average, if you’re moving your sink or tub, you will have an additional cost of $500 to $1,000 for both labor and materials. So, just keep their location constant and allocate that money to something else for your bathroom renovation.

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A complete bathroom remodeling is challenging, but with the help of a professional, it will be an enjoyable project. At OneStop Kitchen and Bath, we want you to have a wonderful experience with your bathroom makeover.

We hope to have given you enough ideas for your timeless bathroom designs. If you need more ideas, you can talk to one of our designers. Just book an appointment online to get a free consultation.

In case you need help funding your bathroom revamp, you can also explore our flexible financing options.

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