Guide To Choosing The Right Bathroom Fixtures For Your Remodel

Guide To Choosing The Right Bathroom Fixtures For Your Remodel
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When it comes to remodeling kitchen and bath, one size fits all doesn’t always apply. You can be as creative as possible inside your own space. Selecting the right bathroom remodeling fixtures can work wonders.

There are countless bathroom remodeling ideas when it comes to fixtures and fittings, from cabinetry, and taps to bathtubs and showers. However, you might be wondering how you know which ones are the right fixtures for your bathroom. Below is your guide to choosing the best fixtures for your stress-free bathroom remodel.

Things to consider when choosing bathroom fixtures

Elegant bathroom style with white cabinets, toilet, and tub-shower combination

It is essential to select an overall design to match your bathroom style. Make sure that your bathroom decor and style look cohesive with each other. It’s also important to look for a reliable bathroom remodeling service that will help you get your vision done. 

Set a specific budget

Before you start looking for fixtures, it is best to identify the reason why you are revamping your bathroom. This way, it will help you identify your bathroom remodeling budget for the fixtures.

If you’re remodeling to update the look of your bathroom without thinking of its future resale value, try not to splurge on an expensive freestanding soaking tub. Instead, get modern-day fixtures such as rain shower heads, this is an alternative option that will make your bathroom luxurious.

Make a list of what you wanted to update or change

To save time and money, you should already have an idea of what kind of style you are going for and how much budget you are willing to spend on your bathroom renovation project. This is one of the vital tips for remodeling a bathroom.

The list should include shower curtains, taps, bathroom cabinets, toilet, sink, and hardware. You should keep fixtures and fittings in your existing bathroom that don’t interfere with your preferred bathroom design. 

Consider your space

One of the important bathroom remodeling tips when designing your bathroom is to be realistic with how much space you have. You might want to have both a tub and a shower in one bathroom, yet, your space won’t allow it. 

For small spaces, you may hide a toilet behind a half-wall or on the far side of the vanity. Be careful with the placement of your fixtures as this can affect how you use the bathroom.

Focus on function and durability

If your bathroom is your main bathroom in the house, going for more durable fixtures will be a great choice. This is especially true when you have kids around. Avoid fixtures or designs that don’t serve any purpose in your bathroom, it might end up being flushed, thrown away, or destroyed by those playful kids.

However, if you’re designing a rarely used space such as a guest powder room, this is when you can go for style and beauty. 

Additionally, you should also consider the number of older relatives living in your place. You may opt for grab bars and install non-slip fixtures such as anti-slip mats or tiles. 

Scout and compare prices

After making a list of what fittings and fixtures you wanted, shop around for prices. You can browse online or go in-store to gauge better. Don’t forget to include the delivery and installation costs as well. It can be helpful if you read customer reviews. 

Think about cost-effective fixtures

One important thing that you shouldn’t overlook is the efficiency of your fixtures. Choose fixtures that are designed to conserve water, and use less energy. One of which is the use of LED lights, they are cost-efficient and energy-saving in the long run. 

Furthermore, opt for storage that will help you save space. Space-saving storage options can give you enough room to move around your bathroom. 

More Remodeling bathroom Ideas

Luxurious bathroom with gray cabinets, shower and tub

Below are additional tips for remodeling bathrooms you should take into account.


As we start or end our day, we end up in the bathroom getting a nice shower. One thing you should look for in a showerhead is that it has great water pressure. However, pick a showerhead that uses less water while maintaining a great amount of pressure. If you’re unsure which showerhead to choose, select a showerhead with EPA WaterSense Certification. 

You can also pick from three types of showerheads- rain showerheads, handheld showerheads, and sliding bar showerheads.

  • A rain showerhead isn’t the best option if you’re looking for great water pressure because it spreads over a larger area. Nevertheless, if you prefer a spa-like shower, this is for you. 
  • A hand-held showerhead is an excellent choice for those who are leaning toward flexibility. It can stay mounted on the wall or can also be detached due to the long hose. 
  • A sliding bar showerhead is perfect for those who live with people of different heights. This model can slide up and down the bar to adjust to different heights. 
There are shower remodeling ideas that you could consider for this project. Make sure you check them out as well.


Making the right choice for a toilet is very important as this is one of the fixtures that stay for too long in the bathroom. When choosing a toilet, browse for a more modern toilet as it has a self-cleaning mechanism and is designed to save water. 

There are two types of toilets to choose from- round-front toilets and elongated toilets. 

  • Round-front toilets are compact which makes them excellent for small bathrooms. 
  • Elongated toilets provide extra room in front which adds more comfort. 


Before settling for a specific bathroom sink, determine the kind of bathroom you are remodeling. The master bathroom comes with different requirements compared to a guest powder room. 

Undermount sink: The countertop of this sink is right above it. This is an easy-to-clean type, therefore, this is recommended for a family bathroom.  

  • Top-mount sink: This type of sink has the entire rim exposed since the top of the sink sits on the top of the counter. 
  • Vessel sink: From the name itself, a vessel sink is similar to a bowl that sits over the countertop. This is commonly used in powder rooms. 
  • Wall-mounted sink: As literal as it means, this sink is mounted to the wall where a counter is unnecessary. This is perfect for a minimalist look. 

There are bathroom remodeling trends that uses unique kinds of sinks. So, make sure that you choose one wisely.


When you work out on your faucet, you should ask yourself if you are planning on replacing the entire sink or if you want to keep the sink but replace the toilet. 

To choose a faucet, identify how many holes and where they are going to be located on the sink. You can choose among these four types: vessel faucets, widespread, and wall-mounted. 


Bathtubs come in different sizes, materials, and styles. So, before scouting for a bathtub, determine the style, the type of material, and the size of the bathtub you are looking for. It is important to consider the size of your bathroom and your lifestyle when choosing a bathtub.

Are you ready to revamp your bathroom?

Now that you have learned essential bathroom remodeling tips and ideas to look for in bathroom fixtures, it’s time to get started. We have a complete set of bath fixtures that’ll make your bathroom remodel more luxurious and functional than before. 

Get a free design consultation for remodeling walk-in shower today! Book an appointment with us. You can also visit us on Instagram to get to know us more!

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